The best service is when you won’t need any service.

We don’t want you to agonize. Therefore all the BURG-WÄCHTER products are constructed and produced so accurately that they function without any problem and for a long period. Most of the time the handling of many products is self-explanatory. Even with technically advanced level products e.g. electronic locking systems the handling is intuitional.

If in a case you would need support, please contact your local dealer. He is very well instructed and he perfectly knows all the BURG-WÄCHTER products. In difficult cases one of our specialists will be at your disposal.

In every product packaging you will find good understandable user manuals and assembly instructions. If you should be unable to find one of them you can easily download them from this site.
In this domain you will find the software and updates for the actualization. And furthermore we offer you DEMO-versions to try and for training purposes.
The majority of BURG-WÄCHTER products are not in need of explanation and hardly require service and maintenance. A list of frequently asked questions, can be found here.
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