Hand-over of Keys from a Distance

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No more waiting for hours due to a traffic jam or a delayed plane. Because today you no longer have to meet in person in order for the landlord to hand over the key to the tenant for the holiday flat. The new BURG-WÄCHTER secuENTRY 7084 AbFeWo software generates a six-digit code that is valid precisely only during the actual holiday period. And this completely without complicated exchange of data and for up to eight holiday flats. It doesn’t get any more convenient!


Generate code at home, doors open worldwide

Per Pincode in die Ferienwohnung. Der Vermieter kann den Code beim BURG-WÄCHTER System der Urlaubszeit anpassen
Holidaymakers enter the opening ode on the secuEntry pro 5711 PIN keypad. If the combination is correct, the knob of the electronic secuENTRY door cylinder can be turned and the door opened

Summertime is the time to travel. Summer attracts people to the sea, mountains or city for a city holiday. Many people book holiday flats or holiday homes for the most beautiful weeks of the year, often from private individuals via the well-known and booming portals. Yet how does the tenant from Frankfurt get the key to the holiday flat on Sylt if the landlord lives in Berlin? Obviously, a manager at the holiday resort can arrange the hand-over. However it works even more simply with the secuENTRY 7084 AbFeWo software from BURG-WÄCHTER (for PC starting with Windows 7). It replaces the manager. Because the software generates a six-digit, time-limited code, with which the tenant opens the electronic secENTRY door cylinder of the holiday flat – no matter where in the world the holiday flat is located. An exchange of data between the software and door cylinder is not necessary. The cylinder recognises the number combination created by a special algorithm and the access rights that are stored in the code and are accurate to the minute. No other system provides this service!

Open up to eight doors with one software

“Our solution is ideal for tenant as well as landlord. The tenant no longer has to wait for the hand-over of the keys. The landlord or a manager doesn’t even have to be on site. Furthermore, the code can never be lost, unlike a key”, says Dietmar Schake, sales manager at BURG-WÄCHTER, naming the benefits of the new secuENTRY 7084 AbFeWo software (RRP: 300.00 euros). The generated code is communicated to the tenant prior to their journey via email or a secure messenger service and entered by the tenant on the secuEntry keypad at the holiday resort – and the door to the holiday paradise opens. Using the holiday house software, the landlord can create codes for up to eight doors. It doesn’t matter whether the holiday flats are in one location or spread over the entire world.

Software secuENTRY 7084 Ferienwohnung
Simple operation, clear design: after a few mouse clicks and with the secuENTRY 7084 software, the landlord creates the opening code with the appropriate access rights, which are stored in the number combination.
The code automatically becomes invalid at the end of the holiday.

Interaction with secuEntry door cylinder and secuEntry keypad

An electronic door cylinder of the secuEntry pro series is required in order to use the secuEntry 7084 AbFeWo software. You can choose from three models: pro 7000, pro 7100 and pro 7116 DUO. Installation of the door cylinder is very easy. This door cylinder replaces the old, mechanical cylinder and can be adjusted to all common door thicknesses in a few simple steps. No drilling or wiring is required. The secuENTRY pro 5711 PIN keypad is placed next to the door. That’s where the holidaymaker enters the appropriate code. The keypad relays the signal to open the door via a secure wireless connection to the door cylinder. Neither the landlord nor the holiday-maker has to worry about a power failure because the cylinder as well as the keypad are battery-powered. Based on experience, a set of batteries lasts around two years.


The holiday home software at a glance

  • Six-digit code with defined validity period (start/end)
  • Code generated at home and can be used world-wide
  • Secure code generation by means of a special algorithm
  • No manager necessary
  • No synchronisation necessary (e.g. over the internet)
  • Can be used with up to eight doors, even in different houses
  • Code is automatically invalid at the expiry

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