“Highest level of customer satisfaction” award for BURG- WÄCHTER

Highly prestigious award for BURG-WÄCHTER: The Deutsches Institut für Produkt- und Marktbewertung (German Institute for Product and Market Evaluation) has presented the security specialist with the PLUS X AWARD 2021 for “highest level of customer satisfaction”. The much-coveted award was the result of a survey of almost 4,000 customers.

BURG-WÄCHTER wurde mit dem PLUS X AWARD 2021 für „höchste Kundenzufriedenheit“ ausgezeichnet.
Outstanding quality and excellent service: BURG-WÄCHTER thoroughly impressed its customers and as a result has been awarded the PLUS X AWARD 2021 for the “highest level of customer satisfaction” in the letterbox category.

The consumers have made their decision: BURG-WÄCHTER is among the brands with the highest level of customer satisfaction in Germany. This was revealed in a recent survey of various categories conducted by the Deutsches Institut für Produkt- und Marktbewertung. The security specialist from Wetter-Volmarstein is ranked first in the letterboxes and parcel boxes segment and was awarded the prestigious PLUS X AWARD 2021 for the “highest level of customer satisfaction”.

A customer award for premium quality workmanship

“We are delighted to receive this award. Customers voted for our products, after all. This confirms that our products are extremely well received by the customer due to their high quality and user-friendly design”, commented Gerrit Lüling, Head of the Sales Division at BURG-WÄCHTER. The company has been one of the market leaders for many years particularly in the field of letterboxes and has highly impressed end consumers with durable models made from a variety of materials.

BURG-WÄCHTER offers both classic stainless steel and cast-iron letterboxes, as well as high-quality plastic models in many different colours. The company has been developing and producing high-quality models since 1975. Many letterboxes are still “Made in Germany” by BURG-WÄCHTER to this day. BURG-WÄCHTER always ensures the durability of the models. Practical details such as the opening stop also make everyday life considerably easier.

Mit dem PLUS X AWARD ausgezeichnet: die Paketbox eBoxx EASY + von BURG-WÄCHTER.
Perfect combination: Receive all deliveries from parcel services and all other carriers directly with a parcel box plus letterbox extension

Perfect combination: Parcel box plus letterbox

The eBoxx EASY + parcel box is a completely new addition to BURG-WÄCHTER’s extensive range of letterboxes. This ensures all deliveries arrive at the first attempt – regardless of the parcel or delivery service. A unique product feature: Multiple deliveries from several different service providers are also possible. If a parcel is already delivered, the eBoxx EASY + can only be opened by entering a code.

The parcel box can also be extended with a matching top-mounted letterbox, so a separate letterbox is no longer required. “An increasing number of parcels have been dispatched over the past few years, spurred on by the online shopping boom. Our eBoxx is therefore right in line with the trend and enables customers to receive every order directly. This not only saves time and stress, but also helps to protect the environment”, comments Gerrit Lüling.

In July 2021, a total of 3,868 valid votes were evaluated for the survey by the Deutsches Institut für Produkt- und Marktbewertung. The respondents were men and women between the ages of 20 and 65. 46 brands were identified from the results which, from the point of view of the end consumers, fulfil their commitments and offer high-quality products as well as good service. These brands, like BURG-WÄCHTER in the letterbox category, were awarded for “the highest level of customer satisfaction”. Award winners included Mercedes-Benz (automotive), Adidas (sportswear), Boss (fashion) and Velux (windows).