The Key Safe from BURG-WÄCHTER: The convenient way to keep your keys safe!

Key Safe available in four sizes

Everyday situation: You urgently need a key or have to return one. But then of all times the recipient is late. The Key Safe is the solution. It provides central access for keys or small valuables. Whether for holiday guests, handymen, nursing services and other persons. The KeySafe is of course available in different sizes, there are four models to choose from for keys up to max. 12 cm in length. This means you are sure to find the most suitable key safe for your particular needs.

Opens with numeric code, heavy-duty anchorage

The authorised person only needs the four-digit numerical code to open the key safe. This combination can of course be changed at any time. In addition, a heavy-duty anchorage in the wall guards against theft. The appropriate mounting material is included. The housing is made of resistant die-cast zinc and is resistant to wind and weather. Tip: We recommend mounting your Keysafe in a weather-protected area to make it even more durable.


Our key safe: An extremely convenient option for a central, easy and safe organisation of keys Easy and central access The keysafe from BURG-WÄCHTER offers a secure stowage place for keys as well as for other small and valuable objects. … Read More