In order to receive your newspapers, magazines and other printed media unharmed or to visually complement your letter box, BURG-WÄCHTER offers a wide range of newspaper boxes and rolls. With varying materials and diversified designs, for every taste, there is the perfect newspaper box.

Mailbox with Stand
U.S. Mailbox

The American with a lot of volume for post and newspapers This classic letter box with American flair attracts all attention. Apart from the cosmopolitan design, the spacious inside of the U.S. Mailbox can take a lot post and many … Read More


The weatherproof newspaper box 800 with lateral plastic cover The newspaper box is the perfect accessory to your BURG-WÄCHTER steel letter box. It is available in four appealing colours and therefore ideally complements your letter box as an optical highlight. … Read More

3800 Ni
3800 Ni

The stainless steel newspaper box 3800 Ni as an elegant accessory for your letter box The perfect complement to your BURG-WÄCHTER letter box made of stainless steel. With a separate newspaper box, you assure that your daily paper or other … Read More

3808 Ni
3808 Ni

The angular designed newspaper box for your stainless steel letter box Suitable for stainless steel letter boxes from BURG-WÄCHTER. The angular, modern design makes the newspaper box 3808 Ni, also made of stainless steel, a real eye catcher. With transparent … Read More

3820 Ni
3820 Ni

The newspaper box 3820 Ni: Ideal combination possibility with Amrum and Borkum The simple, half-round shape perfectly adjusts to the letter box models Amrum and Borkum. You can effortlessly mount it directly on top or underneath the letter box. The … Read More

1890 BC

This newspaper box made of massive aluminium cast is the perfect accessory for our cast letter boxes The noble and classic design ideally matches the letter boxes Bordeaux and Venezia from our range. Assure a safe delivery of your newspapers … Read More

News 5800 W
News 5800

The matching newspaper box for letter boxes Holiday, Letter and Daily This model from BURG-WÄCHTER is made of steel and is additionally all-over and protectively galvanised. Here, your printed news media is stored more than safely. The box is opened … Read More

808 BR

Newspaper box 808: Angular shaping with embossed, noble inscription The gold embossed inscription “Zeitung” on this model makes it especially noble and gives your letter box an extra tinge of luxury. The angular shaper as well provides a special touch. … Read More

Vario 820 W
Vario 820

Newspaper box Vario 820: Easy and quick mounting at your letter box The Vario 820 shows itself to be especially suitable for the BURG-WÄCHTER models Amsterdam and Potsdam. This newspaper box is made of steel that has been galvanised all-over. … Read More

4900 S

The practical newspaper compartment made of high-quality plastic This model especially matches the plastic letter boxes Classico, Vivo, Esprit and Swing. Offer your newspaper a separate and secure place. Resistant plastic The high-quality plastic material is very resistant against wind … Read More