Have you been looking forward to the much longed-for package from your favourite online shop for days? And then you are (of course) not at home when the parcel carrier comes. That doesn’t need to be the case: A parcel box can help.

Save time and stress with a parcel delivery box

Our parcel delivery box will securely protect all parcel deliveries – 24 hours a day. Never again miss a parcel delivery and save the time and stress of going to the collection point or post office.

Wall or stand mounted parcel boxes

BURG-WÄCHTER offer many different variants of the parcel delivery box. The parcel delivery box can be mounted on a wall or on a stand that can be either concreted or screwed into the ground. Our model range includes different sizes that can accommodate larger or several deliveries.

How the parcel box works

The courier can safely place the delivery in the parcel box even if you are not at home. Our eBoxx uses an innovative, secure locking system. The courier closes the compartment and pushes a button to trigger the security lock. The parcel delivery box can only be opened and contents removed by the owner.

BURG-WÄCHTER_Paketbox_eBoxx_GV 645 ANT
Parcel box eBoxx EASY+

The innovative eBoxx EASY+ parcel box from BURG-WÄCHTER Online shopping could really be so easy and convenient. If it wasn’t for the annoyance of missing deliveries. The eBoxx EASY+ parcel box from BURG-WÄCHTER “Made in Germany” provides just the solution. … Read More

eBoxx E 634 SW

The parcel box eBoxx assures a secure delivery of your parcels in absence What does the eBoxx offer? Buying and receiving goods via the internet is especially convenient – but only when someone is at home during the delivery. For … Read More

Universal stand silver
Universal 150 eBoxx Ni

The universal stainless steel parcel box stand Universal stand system from BURG-WÄCHTER is suitable for all eBoxx parcel boxes. With it, your eBoxx is optimally placed in a position of your choice. The simple design also matches your parcel box … Read More

Terzo silver
Stand and base for Terzo

Terzo 160 eBoxx W Tubes made of high quality powder coated aluminum profile For mounting in concrete 2 tubes including assembly kit Terzo base eBoxx W Enable mounting without concreting For surface mounting to a solid floor Set consisting of 2 … Read More

Terzo base eBoxx W
Accessories for Terzo

Assembly sets: Distance pieces, screws and washers packed for self-service, packing unit: 5 pieces Terzo base for assembly on the ground: Solid letter box made of high-quality zinc diecasting – no setting in concrete, incl. fixing material and plugs Art.-No. … Read More