You want to receive your post directly through your door or the exterior wall? BURG-WÄCHTER has the right solution for you: Accurately manufactured “through the wall” letter boxes and outdoor insertion plates lead your post directly into your home. Inconvenient walks to your letter box belong to the past.

Porta 791 Ni
Letter plate Porta 791 Ni

External letter plate Porta 791 Ni You want to receive your post directly inside your home? This is no problem with the external letter plate Porta made of stainless steel. For an easy and visible labelling, the letter plate is … Read More

Porta 796 W
Porta letter plate, one-piece

The letter plate Porta with aluminium frame and galvanised steel cover The letter plate Porta from BURG-WÄCHTER offers a convenient insertion directly inside your home. Available in two versions and three different colours, the letter plate ideally adjusts to your … Read More

Kasten 795 W
Letter boxes for ‘through the wall‘ installations 795

Receive your post conveniently through the wall with the letter box 795 Ideal for the integration in your wall: This “through the wall” letter box adjusts to every wall thickness. Optimally combinable with each other, the letter box is especially … Read More

Blind 794 W Burg-Wächter
Blind 794

Matching blind for “through the wall” letter box 795 The letter box blind 794 is constructed in a way that several letter boxes can be mounted above or underneath one another. The blind for the letter box 795 is available … Read More