BURG-WÄCHTER offers various solutions for different areas of application. Furniture locks and lock-blocking keys optimise the security in your home and if you cannot make a find here: We also have a wide range of universal cylinder locks available – universally usable!

BURG-WÄCHTER Sicherheitsanker Bodenanker SA1180
Security anchor

Everything remains in place with the security anchor! Valuable e-bikes, scooters or garden furniture are particularly sought-after by thieves. This solid security anchor protects against theft and prevents your belongings from being simply carried off and the locks picked in … Read More

Vorhangschloss 771 F 40 Helvetia
771 F 40 Helvetia

Cylinder padlock  771 F 40 Helvetia Switzerland is the land of the mountains. This is why the Alpine panorama, together with the Swiss Cross, adorns the practical padlock Helvetia. Of course, the padlock is kept in the Swiss national colour … Read More

MZ 26
Cam lock MZ 26

Cam lock MZ 26 Brass cam lock with off-set cam, nickel-plated, cylinder length 20 mm. Art.-No. Ø Key blank no. mm MZ 26 18,0 65 R

ZBK 70
Spare cam-locks

Spare cam-locks ZBK: Replacement cylinders for letter boxes of different brands. Art.-No. for brand Key blank – No. ZBK 70 JU 35W ZBK 71 Renz (until 2006), Dacyeux u.a 34W ZBK 72 Rombi, Knobloch 34W ZBK 73 Brabantia (sheet metal) 34W ZBK … Read More

Zylinder ZS 86
All-round cam-locks

All-round cam-locks Made of high-strength nickel-plated zinc diecast, disk cylinder with reversible key, cam adjustable at an angle of 90°, ZS 76, ZS 77, ZS 77 H, ZS 84-86: with fixing nut ZS 80 – 82: with friction spring All models are delivered with 3 … Read More

MZ 2320
Cylinder rim locks MZ 23/2320

Cylinder rim locks Applicable in all fields. Brass pin cylinder. Backset adjustable: 15 – 40 mm, cylinder length: 25 mm. Possible versions: master keyed or keyed alike. MZ 23: cylinder brass polished MZ 2320: cylinder brass, nickel-plated Art.-No. Ø Key blank – No. mm MZ 23 22 65R … Read More

MZ 83
Cylinder rim lock MZ 83

Cylinder rim lock MZ 83: disk cylinder nickel-plated. Backset 25/30 mm. Cylinder length 23 mm. Possible versions: keyed alike. Art.-No. Ø Key blank – No. mm MZ 83 18 10R


Security inserts change plain door locks into full cylinder locks, adjustable radius of the locking bolt from 13,5 to 15 mm. ESA: low-priced security insert with radius 16,5 mm, with 3 keys. Version „/2“: with 2 keys Version „/3“: with 3 keys Art.-No. Key length Key … Read More

E 7/2

Cylinder Keyhole Blocker E7/ME Provide additional protection for your mortise deadlocks with the BURG-WÄCHTER Keyhole Blocker – in an extremely fast and easy way! In this way you will secure your locks without loosing time and energy modifying the lock … Read More