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Folding Lock 790 90 Black:
The perfect combination of security and convenience

The practical folding lock for e-bikes, bicycles, scooters

Security on the move: The new folding lock 790 90 Black 

Cycling is all the rage! More and more money is being spent on quality bicycles and particularly on e-bikes. Consequently, it is all the more important that your bike is adequately secured against theft. Wherever you are, at home or on the road taking a short break. Folding locks are the “Swiss army knife” amongst bicycle locks. Strong and long enough to secure the bicycle to an object. At the same time, they are compact and easy to attach to the bike.

Reliably protect your e-bike from theft with the new 790 90 Black folding lock from BURG-WÄCHTER. Hardened steel elements with a thickness of 8.5 mm and the drill-protected cylinder lock provide powerful protection. The 790 90 Black folding lock also complies with the requirements that many insurers demand in their e-bike policies.

  • Hardened, 8.5 mm thick steel elements
  • Drill-proof cylinder lock
  • Completely covered with plastic to protect the frame from scratches
  • Includes frame bracket
  • Length: 90 cm
  • with 2 keys

Convenient length: The folding lock 790 90 Black is 90 cm long This allows you to safely secure your bicycle to fixed points such as bicycle racks.

Faltschloss 790 90 Black von BURG-WÄCHTER für Fahrräder und E-Bikes

Compact pack size: The folding lock can be easily fixed to the frame using the practical frame holder. The plastic coating of all steel elements protects against scratches.

Folding lock with variable attachment

Top tube, down tube or seat tube: There are many options for attaching the 790 90 Black folding lock. This allows the lock to be transported without taking up too much space, no matter how the frame is constructed. The folding lock is attached either with cable ties or with the screws used for attaching the drinks bottle carrier.

Attaching with cable ties: The folding lock holder is fixed to the shims with four cable ties. These protect the frame from scratches.

Attaching with screws: Use the screws in the down tube that are used to attach the bottle carrier. The folding lock holder fits precisely to the spacing of the screws.

Folding Lock 790 90


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The folding lock 790 90 Black combines security and convenience

More than 700 bicycles and e-bikes are stolen in Germany every day. Organised gangs have been targeting high-quality e-bikes and pedelecs for many years, as they bring in the most money when resold. To prevent your e-bike from quickly turning from your favourite means of transport into stolen goods, a high-quality bicycle lock is an absolute must. The new folding lock 790 90 Black from BURG-WÄCHTER combines reliable security with convenient use. Important: The recommended retail price of the folding lock is higher than the minimum price of 49 euros. Many insurers stipulate this in their e-bike insurance policies.

Folding lock made of 8.5 mm thick, hardened steel elements

Hardened, 8.5 mm thick steel elements ensure maximum protection for the 790 90 Black folding lock. The individual chain links are 26 mm wide. In addition, the special design provides only a minimal target area for break-in tools. With the convenient length of 90 centimetres, you can easily attach your two-wheeler to firmly anchored objects. On bicycle stands, fences, posts or lampposts, for example. The e-bike lock is particularly easy to open and close thanks to the high-quality, drill-protected cylinder lock. Resulting in a long service life.

Compact and lightweight e-bike lock

Practical: The quick and easy folding of the lock significantly reduces the size of the pack. This allows you to stow the very light (1.3 kilos) folding lock in your saddle bag in no time at all. The folding lock can of course also be fixed in the supplied frame holder by lightly snapping it into place. The all-over plastic sleeve of the lock also protects the bike frame from being scratched. The folding lock is supplied with two keys.

The 790 90 folding lock at a glance

  • Ideal for e-bike and pedelec
  • Hardened steel elements
  • Completely covered with plastic to protect the frame
  • Including frame holder. Mounting with screws or cable ties
  • Total length 90 cm
  • Drill-proof cylinder lock
  • Supplied with two keys
Article Length(mm) Width of the chains (mm) Thickness (mm) Weight (kg)
790 90 Black  900 26  8,5 1,29