100 years of BURG-WÄCHTER

A great deal has happened in terms of security technology

between 1920 and 2020. BURG-WÄCHTER has always been 

influential in shaping this development.

A journey through time.

BURG-WÄCHTER is born on 25 November 1920. The company is founded by Alfred Lüling and his uncle Ferdinand Buhl in Volmarstein under the name F. Buhl & Co. Before starting its own production, the company distributes padlocks from Burg. In the 1920s, the company grows steadily. In 1927, the first company vehicle is purchased, a single-door Hanomak. With a top speed of 60 km/h, customers all over Germany are supplied.


In 1950 the company is renamed from F. Buhl & Co. into BURG-WÄCHTER. New products are also presented on the market, for example a shackleless lock and reinforced bolt. Both are in line with the customer requirements of the time.

BURG-WÄCHTER manages to produce high quality products at fair prices during the difficult time after the Second World War. The serial production of cylinder lock blocking keys follows in 1954. This provides additional security for simple mortise door locks.


The 1960s are marked by new products. In addition to cylinder padlocks (1962), cash boxes (1966) were launched as an innovation. The new products fit perfectly with people's needs. Because during the time of the economic miracle and in the years that followed, people were able to save money and store it, as well as their savings books and other documents, securely.

In 1964 BURG-WÄCHTER builds a new production facility in Valbert in the Sauerland. The location is still the company's largest production site in Germany.


The trend towards greater security at home and in the business world continues to intensify. BURG-WÄCHTER meets this trend and adds wall safes and safes to its product range in 1971. The development and production of safes is still a success story today.

Letter boxes are added to the product range in 1975. With high quality, a large selection and attention to detail, the range becomes a resounding success. Initially, the letter boxes are made of aluminium or steel sheet. The first models made of high-quality plastic follow in 1982.


Electronics find their way into safes. From 1984 on BURG-WÄCHTER equips models with the "SecuTronic" electronic combination lock. With this, safes can be opened conveniently using a combination code. There is no longer any need to worry about losing your key.

At the same time, the safe range is expanded further. Because the demand from companies and private individuals for larger and heavier models is growing. 1988 sees the launch of the high-quality Karat range of safes, which quickly becomes extremely popular.


The TSE (electronic door locking systems) division, which later also includes the secuENTRY series, is created. Door locks therefore offer more convenience thanks to modern electronics. As you can no longer lose, misplace or lend a key. Instead, you can open the door to your own four walls or the office very conveniently by code or fingerprint.

In the course of German unification, a distribution warehouse is opened in Bitterfeld as early as 1990. Wismar is added later as a production site. The premises at the old company head office become too small. So BURG-WÄCHTER moves into the new company head office (photo) as well as the new production site in 1995. At the same time, the company remains loyal to where it all began in Wetter-Volmarstein.


Since 2000 the BURG-WÄCHTER product range of has been extended by modern technologies like video surveillance (2012) and smart home systems (2018). This enables us to provide security in all aspects of the commercial and private sector.

BURG-WÄCHTER products have been awarded again and again in previous years. Here are the highlights:

  • 2020: Special PLUS X AWARD for the secuENTRY easy range and the Turn letter box as "Best Product" in each case. In addition, the Cosmo letter box, the secuENTRY Bridge and the secuENTRY wall reader receive the PLUS X AWARD in their respective categories.
  • 2019: "Customer Favourite – Most Popular Brand" award for safety and warning devices by "Focus Money".
  • 2017: Cannot be cracked – the Combi-Line CL 20 E safe is named test winner by "Stiftung Warentest".
  • 2016: Special PLUS X AWARD for the eBoxx parcel boxes as "Best Product".
  • 2015: Special PLUS X AWARD for the secuENTRY range as "Best Product".


In the 2010s, life becomes more digital and connected. BURG-WÄCHTER launches a clever smart home alarm system on the market with BURGprotect™. It warns you in case of danger of burglary as well as fire and water damage. Furthermore, the BURGcam video cameras' recordings can be viewed on a smartphone using the app.

The eBoxx parcel boxes offer great convenience. They are ready to receive and accept all deliveries securely 24/7. They are suitable for all parcel services and even for multiple deliveries and returns with the ParcelLock system.


What will the BURG-WÄCHTER anniversary year 2020 and the future bring? Many exciting products and applications that make people's lives a little bit more secure and convenient. For example, completely new safe lines with high-tech locking technology.

Because what drives us is your security. Since 1920 and for the next 100 years too!


BURG-WÄCHTER: security for generations.

From the mechanical lock to the digital smart home:
BURG-WÄCHTER has supported people’s security for 100 years.

Skilful craftsmen were already making locks in 1750 under the protection of Volmarstein Castle in Wetter-Volmarstein, where BURG-WÄCHTER begun. This castle is the unmistakable trademark of BURG-WÄCHTER and symbolises “Made in Germany” quality, security and innovation.

 We have been producing locks made by people for people for 100 years. We always bear in mind that the topic of safety and security is a very personal one with individual requirements for everyone. We want to meet these requirements with the highest quality. The market proves
that we are going many things right. Last year, for example, we were named
“Customer Favourite 2019 – Most Popular Brand” in a major “Focus
Money” customer analysis.

At the same time we want to have professional dealers by our side in future. Because they are the first point of contact for people with questions about private and commercial security! We are therefore happy to support our dealers with all the information about our products, from the right POS presentation to modern modifications to your store. 

Historical: padlocks were once manufactured at the workbench. Today, of course, production has long been mechanised.

Visionary: modifications to specialist stores are simulated precisely using the BURG-WÄCHTER VISION™ VR technology. As a result, dealers can take a very close look around their new premises using VR glasses before the modification work starts.

Intricate: many of our products still require manual work. Our employees ensure that everything works as it should with a great deal of tact and sensitivity.

Handy: the BURG-WÄCHTER apps offer security in your pocket. You can conveniently control your BURGprotect™ smart home system and also have access to the BURGcam video cameras’ recordings.

Modern: we are breaking new ground in many areas. For example, we help our dealers redesign their stores using 3D visualisations and 360-degree views.

 Innovative: BURG-WÄCHTER is breaking new ground in safe electronics in 2020. The new, certified technology will make the protection of valuables, important papers and loved ones even more convenient.