100 years of BURG-WÄCHTER

A great deal has happened in terms of security technology

between 1920 and 2020. BURG-WÄCHTER has always been 

influential in shaping this development.

A journey through time.

BURG-WÄCHTER: security for generations.

From the mechanical lock to the digital smart home:
BURG-WÄCHTER has supported people’s security for 100 years.

Skilful craftsmen were already making locks in 1750 under the protection of Volmarstein Castle in Wetter-Volmarstein, where BURG-WÄCHTER begun. This castle is the unmistakable trademark of BURG-WÄCHTER and symbolises “Made in Germany” quality, security and innovation.

 We have been producing locks made by people for people for 100 years. We always bear in mind that the topic of safety and security is a very personal one with individual requirements for everyone. We want to meet these requirements with the highest quality. The market proves
that we are going many things right. Last year, for example, we were named
“Customer Favourite 2019 – Most Popular Brand” in a major “Focus
Money” customer analysis.

At the same time we want to have professional dealers by our side in future. Because they are the first point of contact for people with questions about private and commercial security! We are therefore happy to support our dealers with all the information about our products, from the right POS presentation to modern modifications to your store. 

Historical: padlocks were once manufactured at the workbench. Today, of course, production has long been mechanised.

Visionary: modifications to specialist stores are simulated precisely using the BURG-WÄCHTER VISION™ VR technology. As a result, dealers can take a very close look around their new premises using VR glasses before the modification work starts.

Intricate: many of our products still require manual work. Our employees ensure that everything works as it should with a great deal of tact and sensitivity.

Handy: the BURG-WÄCHTER apps offer security in your pocket. You can conveniently control your BURGprotect™ smart home system and also have access to the BURGcam video cameras’ recordings.

Modern: we are breaking new ground in many areas. For example, we help our dealers redesign their stores using 3D visualisations and 360-degree views.

 Innovative: BURG-WÄCHTER is breaking new ground in safe electronics in 2020. The new, certified technology will make the protection of valuables, important papers and loved ones even more convenient.

Tradition: BURGSchloss

From domestic crafts to modern industrial production.

Tradition from Wetter-Volmarstein

The history of the manufacture of padlocks in Westphalian Wetter-Volmarstein can be traced back to the year 1750. The “lock making” was a traditional craft and home to numerous families. Even at the turn of the 20th century there were countless small family businesses in Volmarstein where locks were made. With the start of the industrialisation large factories were created, which extended the distribution of their products to international markets. The reputation of Wetter- Volmarstein as “lock-town” then spread in the whole world.

Family company in 3rd generation

In 1920, Alfred Lüling founded a trading company, which initially took over the exclusive distribution in Germany from the then leading lock manufacturer BURG. The company expanded later to other countries, but had to stop the sale temporarily during World War II. After the war Lüling started the distribution of locks again. In 1950, his three sons joined the company. At the same time the company changed its name and since then bears the name BURG-WÄCHTER. Today the company is managed by the 3rd generation and the 4th Generation is learning for the future.

The secret of high quality

Setting up an own manufacturing facility in Wetter Volmarstein formed the basis for further growth. Another production facility was taken into operation in Meinerzhagen-Valbert in 1964. The capacities have now been extended several times. Today BURG-WÄCHTER uses advanced industrial production capacity, but the care of the craft tradition has been preserved. This is the secret to high product-quality.