eBoxx EASY+
The parcel box for all cases

Receive parcels in your absence -
secure & easy with your parcel box

The parcel box from BURG-WÄCHTER allows you to receive your deliveries even when you are not at home. This means you never have to wait for the parcel carrier or queue up for your order at the parcel shop the next day.

Enjoy the time you have gained! With a parcel box from BURG-WÄCHTER.


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Not at home? No problem!
Your eagerly awaited online order should finally arrive but then you're not at home when the parcel service rings. Instead of the new shoes, you once again only have the collection slip in your hands. That doesn't have to be the case: The eBoxx EASY+ parcel box from BURG-WÄCHTER provides a remedy! 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether it's a single-family home, a semi-detached house or a rented flat, the eBoxx EASY+ parcel box accepts all deliveries securely. Whether from DHL, DPD, Hermes or all other parcel services. Even from the pharmacy, the drinks supplier or the local baker, orders or Sunday rolls can be delivered. The eBoxx EASY+ parcel box receives your deliveries around the clock. The eBoxx EASY+ is available in two sizes and in the colours anthracite and white.

Simple and controlled delivery

Open the door. Place the parcel. Press the button. This is how easy it is to deliver your parcels in the eBoxx EASY+ parcel box. With your personal code, you remove your parcels – and never have to wait for the second delivery or ring the neighbour’s doorbell again.

Everything is safely stored in the parcel box

Whether it’s the latest technology gadget or a drinks delivery: all orders are safely deposited in your parcel box because after the delivery, it is robustly locked and can only be opened with a personal six-digit code. The maximum load capacity is 50 kilograms, depending on the model and type of installation.

When there's more of them ...

On some days you don’t just get one parcel, but sometimes two or three. All of them can be safely stored in the eBoxx EASY+. This is ensured by the “multiple delivery” function. This means that once a delivery has been placed in the parcel box and it has been locked, other suppliers can open the eBoxx EASY+ again with their personal codes and deliver the next parcel. Of course, you decide who may use the “multiple delivery” feature!

Everything is easy - The operation of the eBoxx EASY+ parcel box.

Fast & intuitive

Secure storage: When you get home, simply remove your deliveries. To open the parcel box, all you have to do is enter your personal, six-digit user code.

Parcel delivery services and all other suppliers will love it! Thanks to the intuitive operation of their eBoxx EASY+, delivery staff only need a few seconds to safely deposit the delivery

Paketdienste und alle anderen Lieferanten werden sie lieben! Denn die Zusteller benötigen dank der intuitiven Bedienung ihrer eBoxx EASY+ nur wenige Sekunden, um die Lieferung sicher abzulegen.

Everything is easy – just like the name says!

The delivery providers only need a few moments to deposit a delivery securely in your eBoxx EASY+ parcel box. No prior knowledge is necessary.

The pictures on the control panel show how it works.

  1. press the START button
  2. open the parcel compartment
  3. insert delivery and close parcel compartment
  4. press the END button

Your parcel is safely stowed away!

Of course, not only parcel services can use the eBoxx EASY+. The local baker, pharmacist or organic farmer from the neighbourhood also deposit their deliveries in the parcel box. When you get home, you simply open the eBoxx EASY+ with your personal user code and take out one or more parcels.

Clear control panel: After pressing the START button, the parcel box can be opened. If a delivery has already been made, the personal delivery code must be entered.

Secure storage: When you get home, simply remove your deliveries. To open the parcel box, all you have to do is enter your personal, six-digit user code.

Everything in one hand: assign codes, check status. Operating your parcel box is simple with the KeyApp.

Your parcel box is always in your pocket with the free KeyApp. You assign the codes for opening authorisation in the free smartphone app. Of course, you can change or delete all codes at any time. You retain full control over who is allowed to open your parcel box and always have everything under control! In addition, the app shows the battery level of the parcel box and whether a delivery has been deposited.

For parcel groups like organic farmers: This is how your delivery person gets their personal code


You decide which deliverers are allowed to deliver to your parcel box and whether the delivery right applies permanently (suitable for parcel services) or only once (for occasional suppliers). You can find the links for depositing delivery codes with the known parcel services here. One-time codes, for example for drinks deliveries or Sunday rolls, are submitted personally.

The secuENTRY KeyApp
for your parcel box.

Assign and delete codes, check status, check battery level: The secuENTRY KeyApp allows you to always have your parcel box under control. The app is free of charge for iOS and Android, of course.

Cleverly combined: Parcel box with letter box

The eBoxx EASY+ (model E) can be supplemented with either one or two letter boxes, which are fitted exactly onto the parcel box. This means you no longer need a separate letter box.

Sustainable thanks to high quality

High-quality workmanship: Thanks to laser welding and base reinforcement, the eBoxx EASY+ is even more robust and therefore more durable. An integrated ventilation and rain drainage system protects parcels and mail from moisture.

Product overview

eBoxx EASY+

The modern parcel box from BURG-WÄCHTER

Always accessible

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