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Window alarm FSA 2020


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The FSA 2020 window alarm – a deterrent to burglars!

The FSA 2020 window alarm secures doors and windows.

How it works

The principle is quite simple: When the bolt is turned to the side, the alarm is active. The alarm sounds if the window is opened without permission. The sound level of 110 decibels is comparable to that of a chainsaw. Not only the occupants of the house but also the neighbours are alerted to the attempted break-in thanks to the window alarm.

Important: The FSA 2020 provides just basic burglary protection with a deterrent effect. We also recommend the installation of a certified window security device from the WinSafe series.

How to mount the FSA 2020

The FSA 2020 is suitable for steel, plastic, aluminium and wooden windows. The window alarm is easy to install with a minimum mounting width of 23 mm.

Installation only takes a few minutes: Mark the holes, drill and then screw the product tight. Spacers are included for windows with deep frames. The scope of delivery also includes suitable screws for mounting.

Safety plus for your children

The FSA 2020 window alarm can also be used as a child safety device. Mounting the alarm at the top of the window or out of the reach of children prevents them from unlocking the FSA 2020. As a result, parents are warned if children try to open windows or doors without permission.

The FSA 2020 at a glance

  • window alarm with 110 decibels
  • with a stable swivel bolt
  • simple self-installation
  • minimum width for mounting: 23 mm
  • for windows made of steel, plastic, aluminium and wood