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AbFeWo “All-in-One” package for holiday accommodation


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AbFeWo “All-in-One” package for holiday apartments

Do you get a little annoyed with the tiresome key handover when you rent out your holiday property? Then BURG-WÄCHTER has the solution! With the “All-in-One” AbFeWo package, you have all you need to convert your holiday home for a future without having to hand over the keys. In addition to the Electronic door lock secuENTRY pro 7100, the Keypad secuENTRY 5711 PIN and an Active transponder secuENTRY 5713 sE Key there is the Software secuENTRY AbFeWo 7094. With the practical “All-in-One” complete package, you can also save just under ten percent compared to buying products individually.

For up to eight doors

The secuENTRY AbFeWo software is at the heart of the complete package. This has been specifically developed for holiday rental properties. All you have to do is enter the day of arrival and departure of the customer. The software generates a six-digit opening code using a special algorithm. The tenant only has to enter the code on the keypad and can then open the door to the holiday accommodation. And it doesn’t matter where in the world your holiday home is. This software can also be used to assign rights for up to eight doors. After purchasing the AbFeWo “All-in-One” package, if you want to equip another holiday home, all you have to do is purchase the door cylinder and keypad for the new holiday home.

Assign opening rights conveniently from the comfort of your own home

But doesn’t the door lock need to be synchronised with the respective data for each new holidaymaker? Not at all! The six-digit code already contains all the information. This is recognised by the electronic door lock. So you can easily assign the opening rights at home directly on your PC. Neither the synchronisation nor an Internet connection is necessary at the holiday home. It couldn’t be simpler!

Retrofitting the holiday home without drilling, pulling cables and Internet access

The installation of the electronic door cylinder couldn’t be simpler. There is no need to drill holes or pull cables. After loosening the forend screw, replace the old mechanical door cylinder with the electronic door lock secuENTRY pro 7100. Subsequently, install the keypad secuENTRY 5711 PIN within reach of the secure Bluetooth signal (approx. 4 m). The tiresome handover of keys is already a thing of the past!

An overview of the AbFeWo “All-in-One” package

  • Software secuENTRY 7094 AbFeWo
  • Electronic door cylinder secuENTRY pro 7100
  • Keypad secuENTRY 5711 PIN
  • Active transponder secuENTRY 5713 sE Key
  • Allocation of access rights from the comfort of your own home
  • For up to eight holiday homes