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secuENTRY 7094 AbFeWo Software – Hand-over of Keys from a Distance for the Holiday Home

More and more people are letting their house or their holiday home. Online booking portals are undergoing a major boom. If only there could be no annoying handing over the keys. Because the landlord often has to wait a long time for the guest. And what private landlord can afford a manager for their holiday home? BURG-WÄCHTER has the perfect solution! Using the secuENTRY 7094, landlords assign time-limited access rights for their holiday home very conveniently from their own home. It doesn’t get any easier!

Convenience for guest & landlord: the secuENTRY lock recognises the valid code

The guest opens the holiday home using the six-digit code. Not even a synchronisation between the secuENTRY 7094 AbFeWo software on the home PC and the electronic lock is necessary. As the lock recognises the issued access rights based on a number combination created by a special algorithm. The landlord informs the guest of the code shortly before arrival. The guest enters the code on the secuENTRY keypad at the holiday destination. The door to the holiday paradise opens up immediately to the guest. The code automatically becomes invalid after the expiry of the programmed access period.

5 steps to a secure hand-over of the keys for the holiday home

  1. Installation of door cylinder and keypad at the holiday home
  2. Installation of the software on the PC
  3. Landlord generates a code for opening the door for the duration of the holiday
  4. Landlord communicates the code to the guest at the start of the holiday (text message, WhatsApp, email)
  5. Code is no longer valid an the end of the holiday period

Installation without drilling or wiring

The holiday home software is compatible with two electronic secuENTRY pro door cylinders: pro 7100 and pro 7116 DUO. The guest enters the code on the secuENTRY pro 5711 PIN keypad. The software also controls the locking management of the door cylinder. As a result, transponders or codes with permanent validity for door opening can be stored. For example, for cleaners or the service technician. Neither the landlord nor the guest has to worry about a power failure. Because the cylinder and keypad are battery-powered. The average service life of a set of batteries is around two years. In a worst case scenario, the door cylinders pro 7100 and pro 7116 offer a mechanical emergency lock.

Holiday home software generates codes for up to eight doors

One version of the holiday home software is sufficient even if the landlord owns several objects. Up to eight doors can be programmed using the secuENTRY 7094 AbFeWo software. 15 different users are authorised. It doesn’t matter whether the holiday homes are in one location or spread over the entire world. Installation of the secuENTRY door cylinders is incidentally very easy. No holes need to be drilled nor any cables laid. The electronic door cylinder replaces the old, mechanical cylinder and can be adjusted to all common door thicknesses in a few simple steps.


secuENTRY 7094 AbFeWo software at a glance

  • Six-digit code with defined validity period
  • Code generated at home and can be used world-wide
  • No manager necessary
  • No synchronisation necessary (e.g. over the internet)
  • Can be used with up to eight doors, even in different houses
  • Up to 15 different users
  • Secure code generation by means of a special algorithm
  • Code is automatically invalid on expiry