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secuENTRY 5670 Bridge


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Your door lock has never been so smart! Opening your front door from wherever you are in the world is made easy with the secuENTRY Bridge from BURG-WÄCHTER. All you need is the free secuENTRY KeyApp for your smartphone. The secuENTRY Bridge from BURG-WÄCHTER was awarded the PLUS X AWARD 2020 for high quality, convenience and functionality and is compatible with all secuENTRY door locks.


Your new found freedom: Using the secuENTRY Bridge you can open your door even when you are out and about.

The next level of intelligent door opening has been achieved! You can conveniently control your electronic door lock from anywhere in the world with the secuENTRY Bridge and can admit visitors, children or craftsmen into the house. Thanks to the BURG-WÄCHTER Bridge, your electronic secuENTRY door lock is now online!

Opening via secure Bluetooth signal

How does it work? It’s quite simple. The opening signal is sent via smartphone to the BURG-WÄCHTER Bridge using the secuENTRY KeyApp (free for iOS and Android). The Bridge, which is integrated into your home WLAN, transmits an encrypted and consequently secure Bluetooth signal to your electronic door cylinder, which can be up to four metres away. This enables your guests to open the door! The same applies to locking. In addition, you can always monitor when your door was opened.

This is how the secuENTRY Bridge works

So funktioniert die secuENTRY Bridge von BURG-WÄCHTER

  1. Register Bridge in the KeyApp
  2. Transmit the opening signal (no matter where you are) for the secuENTRY door lock via the KeyApp.
  3. Bridge receives the signal and sends an encrypted Bluetooth release to the door cylinder
  4. The secuENTRY door lock can now be opened.

Simply and easily assign locking rights

The Bridge also offers additional smart features. It enables you to “hand over the keys remotely”. With the Bridge you can easily assign locking rights to your holiday home right down to the very minute. You can conveniently create the opening code at home. All your holiday guests need to do is enter the code on the secuENTRY keypad.

The Door eGuard Video Bell 8500 displays who is at the door

Incidentally: The smart door intercom system Door eGuard Video Bell 8500 is the perfect complement to the Bridge. This allows you to see live via secuENTRY KeyApp who is calling at the front door and enables you to open your front door remotely.


The secuENTRY 5670 Bridge at a glance

  • Enables remote opening of secuENTRY locking cylinders via KeyApp
  • Even in periods when you are unavailable: Family, friends, craftsmen can enter the building
  • The Bridge transmits an encrypted Bluetooth signal to the secuENTRY door cylinder after integration into the home WLAN (2.4 GHz)
  • Programming time-limited codes, e.g. for holiday homes (in conjunction with a secuENTRY Pro door cylinder)
  • Remote programming via the KeyApp in combination with the secuENTRY Software-Light or Pro
  • Low battery message for the locking cylinder
  • Bridge integration requires firmware update of the cylinder to the most current software version
  • Notification on successful database update
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • 5V-USB power supply with min. 1A required
  • Can be combined with the smart door intercom Door eGuard Video Bell 8500 via KeyApp

FAQs secuENTRY Bridge

Why don’t the LEDs light up on the device?

If your device is switched on after the initial setup and neither the green nor red LEDs are lighting up, this means there is no connection to the WLAN network.

Why does the red LED light up on the device?

If the red LED is lit, this means your device is connected to your WLAN network, but is not connected to the internet.

Why is the device not working properly?

If this happens, switch off your device by unplugging the USB cable. Wait five seconds and then switch the device back on. If this does not help, remove your device from the KeyApp by swiping the name of your device to the left, and add it again.