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Modular letter box installation Terzo

With Terzo we offer you a combination of a freestanding and optically appealing letter box installations for your single or multi-family houses. The modern Terzo stands, supports and canopies can be complemented with the appropriate letter boxes in different sizes and colours. To select there are the models Potsdam, Amsterdam, Leipzig and Magdeburg. With the purchase of a predefined Terzo set, you can conveniently go with already arranged versions and receive everything important for your letter box installation within one delivery scope.

High-quality material

The Terzo bank elements are made of high-quality powder-coated aluminium profile that ensures a sturdy footing. They are protected from outside influences and thus provide reliable service for a long time.


The mounting of the letter boxes and bank elements happens on site. Terzo stands are designed for the sturdy embedding in concrete – this way the letter boxes are optimally stabilised. With the help of the assembly instruction you can immediately start with the mounting of the letter boxes to the pre-drilled supports. And if you do not want to embed your installation in concrete, additional bases for an alternative floor assembly are purchasable. These are made of enormously sturdy zinc die-cast. The mounting material and the cover caps are already included. Please note that the base needs to be mounted on sturdy ground, e. g. on concrete. The appropriate assembly sets in white or silver for an easy and stable self-assembly are within the delivery scope of the Terzo set.

Tip for assembly

Even though the Terzo installation and the combined letter box models do already protect your post reliable from wind and weather, we advise to not expose them to permanent and direct weather. For an optimal durability, please mount it in a weather-protected area. Please consider the weather side when mounting.


Terzo V11-170 W1640white
Terzo V11-170 Si1640silver
Terzo V11-170 ANT1640anthracite
Terzo H14-63 W630white
Terzo H14-79 W 790white
Terzo H14-79 Si790silver
Terzo H14-92 W920white
Terzo H14-115 W1150white
Terzo H14-115 Si1150silver