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The innovative eBoxx EASY+ parcel box from BURG-WÄCHTER

Online shopping could really be so easy and convenient. If it wasn’t for the annoyance of missing deliveries. The eBoxx EASY+ parcel box from BURG-WÄCHTER “Made in Germany” provides just the solution. No more ringing your neighbour’s doorbell or standing in line at the parcel shop. As your parcel box can accept one or multiple deliveries from parcel service providers. The local baker, the organic farmer or the drinks supplier can also place their goods in the parcel box simply and securely. Incidentally: No power supply is needed. The parcel box is powered by the batteries supplied.

The eBoxx EASY+ parcel box comes in two sizes (model E with 98 l volume; model GV with 197 l) and each is available in white or anthracite. It is also available with a compatible letterbox attachment (model A). The EBoxx EASY+ is not just intended for family homes. Up to six parcel boxes can be combined as a system for apartment buildings and flats.

How the eBoxx EASY+ works

Parcel service providers will definitely be impressed. In the future, the delivery provider will only need a few moments to deposit a parcel safely and securely in your eBoxx EASY+ parcel box. This is how it’s done: Just press the START button on the control panel, open the parcel box, insert the parcel and close the parcel box, press the END button. Your parcel is now safely stored! Operating the parcel box is also very easy for you too: Simply open the parcel box with your personal user code and remove the parcel.

Parcel box eBoxx EASY+ for one or more deliveries.

You can also receive multiple parcels from different service providers on the same day. This is made possible with the intelligent “multiple delivery system”. The courier or supplier enters the code you have provided to open the parcel box and deposits the goods. After the first delivery, the parcel box is securely locked and can only be opened with a valid code.

You have full control

As a personal code is required, you decide who is allowed to open the parcel box in the case of multiple deliveries. You can create these codes yourself with the free secuENTRY KeyApp for iOS and Android. The codes can be sent to your parcel box via Bluetooth at just the touch of a button and can be changed at any time.

The following codes are available:

  • Delivery provider codes: Fixed code with permanent validity for regular suppliers (e.g. parcel services, drinks retailers, online shop). The code is stored under delivery authorisations for the respective service provider. A maximum of 20 delivery codes can be assigned.
  • Single-use code: Codes with one-time validity, for example for relatives, neighbours or the baker delivering Sunday bread. An unlimited number of single-use codes can be assigned.
  • Administrator code: Authorises higher-level functions such as setting up the parcel box, managing the user code, and functions such as installing firmware updates. Property managers also need the code to set up parcel box systems. However, the administrator code cannot be used to open a parcel box.


Mounting to the floor or on the wall or free-standing with stand

The parcel box is pre-prepared (drilling points marked) for stand, wall or floor mounting. The following options are available for mounting your parcel box on a stand.

Setting in concrete

Mounted to stands:

The eBoxx EASY+ parcel box also available with letterbox

The combination of the parcel box with the compatible letterbox as an attachment is extremely convenient. Meaning you no longer need a separate letterbox. The eBoxx letterboxes fit accurately on the parcel box. It is also possible to combine the eBoxx EASY+ Model E with up to two letterboxes.

The eBoxx EASY+ parcel box features:

  • For all parcel service providers, online shops and all other commercial as well as private deliveries.
  • Sizes: E (98 l) and GV (197 l); model E optionally with one or two letterboxes as an accurately fitting attachment.
  • Colours: anthracite, white
  • Material: galvanised steel, corrosion-protected
  • Powder-coated housing
  • Corrosion resistant bolt system
  • Child safety lock
  • Pull force 300 N (security level 3)
  • Break-in protected locking system (security level 2)
  • With name plate for own labelling
  • Rain drainage system and ventilation system protect parcels from getting wet
  • Mechanical emergency lock (concealed)
  • Supplied with fixing material and batteries for immediate use
  • Made in Germany


Die Modelle im Überblick

Item Colour H x W x D (mm) Volume (l) Max. parcel dimensions (H x W x D in mm) Post insert (H x W in mm)
eBoxx EASY+ E 635 W White 575 x 380 x 450 98 540 x 340 x 405
eBoxx EASY+ E 635 ANT Anthracite 575 x 380 x 450 98 540 x 340 x 405
eBoxx EASY+ GV 645 W White 760 x 575 x 450 197 725 x 535 x 405
eBoxx EASY+ GV 645 ANT Anthracite 760 x 575 x 450 197 725 x 535 x 405
eBoxx EASY+ A 625 W White 115 x 380 x 450 20 31 x 326
eBoxx EASY+ A 625 ANT Anthracite 115 x 380 x 450 20 31 x 326


Parcel Box

Can the eBoxx EASY+ be positioned outdoors?

The eBoxx is weather resistant and suitable for outdoor use. A location should be chosen that is as protected from the weather as possible, so that delivering and removing the parcel can be conducted in a dry environment even in adverse weather conditions.

What are the installation options for the eBoxx EASY+?

The parcel box can be mounted as a free-standing system on stands set in concrete. There are two different types of stand available. Stainless steel or powder-coated aluminium in white or silver.

The eBoxx can also be mounted on the wall. Please pay attention to the condition of the wall. Insulation and plaster can impair the load-bearing capacity. In such cases, please use suitable special dowels and appropriate screws.

As an alternative, the parcel box can be screwed onto a base or directly to the floor. When mounting to the floor, please take into account possible flooding during heavy rain or storms.

How secure is the eBoxx EASY+ and what type of locking mechanism does it feature?

The special locking mechanism secures the eBoxx at three points. The locking bars are made of glass-reinforced plastic and are extended as soon as the locking button is pressed. The locking force is equivalent to that of a robust steel letterbox and provides protection against quick access.

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