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Coil cable lock 1230


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Coil cable lock in two lengths

Secure your bicycle quickly and conveniently using the spiral cable lock 1230. There is no need to search around for a key, as the spiral lock is opened and closed using a four-digit combination. You can of course freely choose your personal code and change it at any time.

The 1230 bicycle lock is available in two lengths of 120 cm and 150 cm. The steel cable of the longer lock has a thickness of 10 mm, the shorter model has a thickness of 8 mm. The cable lock is entirely covered with plastic. The frame is then protected from scratches.

The bicycle lock 1230 at a glance

  • Plastic coated steel cable
  • 4-digit, individually adjustable combination
  • 120 cm long, 8 mm cable diameter
  • 150 cm long, 10 mm cable diameter
Article length (cm) cable-Ø (mm)
1230 C 120 120 8
1230 C 150 150 10