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1600 HB 170/210


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The extra strong long shackle lock 1600 HB

The strength is evident right from the first touch: The HB 1600 170/210 shackle lock is a genuine heavyweight. Weighing 1520 grams with a shackle diameter of 16 millimetres, it offers formidable resistance to attempted break-ins. Hardened steel body and shackle. As well as a double locking system. Together being the ultimate package in security. And that is extremely important. As there are around 300,000 stolen bicycles in Germany every year.

A durable and practical shackle lock

The 1600 HB 170/210 shackle lock has a sturdy plastic covering and a movable protective cap for the locking mechanism that ensure durability and practicality. Protecting the lock from rain and splashing water. The lock can be carried conveniently on the bike thanks to the integrated frame holder. Shackle height 210 mm, shackle width 106 mm. This enables an effective securing of bicycles to fixed objects. Without such security, the bicycle may be carried off by thieves. Allowing them to then pick the lock in their own time in a more private place.

The versatile bicycle lock

The long shackle lock can of course, be used in many ways. It is also ideally suited for securing motorbikes and scooters. The same applies to the ever more popular e-bikes and e-scooters. The 1600 HB 210/170 shackle lock can be used to secure hand tools and garden equipment. Additionally, it is suitable for use in the construction industry to secure valuable equipment.

The long shackle lock 1600 HB 170/210 at a glance

  • Extra strong shackle, double locked
  • Hardened steel shackle and body
  • Includes practical holder for the frame
  • Sturdy plastic covering
  • Shackle diameter: 16 mm, shackle width: 106 mm, shackle height: 210 mm
  • Secures bicycles, motorbikes, e-bikes and e-scooters
  • Also suitable for securing tradesmen’s tools and garden tools
  • Supplied with two keys as standard


Article Shackle Ø Shackle Width Shackle Hieght
mm mm mm
1600 HB 170/210 16 106 210