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Magno 400 E HB 50 Flex


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Magno 400 E HB 50 Flex – Flexible Padlock

With the Magno 400 E HB 50 Flex, you will always be ready with the appropriate padlock. Thanks to the special shackle, you can easily adjust the shackle height to the object to be secured. Ten different adjustable shackle heights from 59 to 149 millimetres are possible via the ten lock notches. A bonus: you can completely remove the shackle for ease of use.

Padlock with ten heights

As for security, the Magno Flex with solid brass body (50 mm) offers double locking as well as a hardened eight millimetre thick shackle with additional protection against pinching. In addition, thanks to the rustproof locking mechanism, the flexible lock is suitable for use in inclement weather conditions. For example, for securing gates, garden furniture, barriers, worker supplies and many other applications. The lock comes with two keys. The Magno lock models are of course also available as a standard padlock or as a long shackle lock.

Magno 400 E HB 50 Flex padlock at a glance

  • A flexible padlock for many applications
  • Secures gates, barriers, worker supplies
  • Double-bolted and hardened, protection against pinching
  • Shackle is height adjustable, locks securely into place and can be completely removed
  • Shackle height individually adjustable to ten heights (59-149 mm)
  • Solid brass body
  • Rustproof locking mechanism:
  • With two keys
  • Key blank 68 R