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Snap+Lock 300 – The three metre long cable lock with integrated combination lock

Use the extra-long Snap+Lock 300 cable lock to fit your individual needs. Whether bicycle, luggage, garden furniture, tools, skis or snowboard: thanks to the very flexible three metre long cable, you can secure all kinds of objects in no time at all. The lock is also ideal for securing items (tables and chairs) in the catering trade. So restaurateurs won’t have to take tables and chairs to a lockable space after hours. The Snap-Lock is simply pulled through the relevant objects and tightened. The solid lock body provides the required security. Thanks to the light weight and handy packing size, you can also easily take the Snap+Lock 300 along when you travel or for leisure activities.

Cable lock with adjustable combination dials and removable body

The cable lock is equipped, of course, with adjustable combination dials. This means that you can freely select between 1,000 different combinations. You can also remove the lock during use. So routing the cable lock is even more flexible and manageable. When you have attached all the objects, simply re-insert the lock body and close the Snap+Lock 300. All your things will thereby be protected against “quick removal” and theft.

Garden furniture is attractive stolen property – Snap+Lock will protect it!

Garden furniture in particular has readily been stolen from patios in recent years. The damage for high-quality tables and chairs quickly adds up to several thousand euros. By securing them with the Snap+Lock 300 cable lock from BURG-WÄCHTER, you will make it much more difficult for thieves. The three metre long plastic-covered steel cable has a diameter of six millimetres and is thereby about a third stronger than the somewhat shorter two metre long Snap+Lock 200.


The Snap+Lock 300 cable lock at a glance

  • Three metre long cable lock with solid body
  • The lock body can be completely removed for greater flexibility when routing the cable
  • Combination lock with three combination dials, number combination can be freely selected
  • Very versatile; secures a variety of objects such as luggage, garden furniture, bicycles, tools, skis or snowboards
  • Cable diameter: six millimetres


Article Length Cable-Ø
cm mm
725 300 300 6,0