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FireProtec safe FP 43 E


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FireProtec safe FP 43 – withstands fire and burglary

The FireProtec safe FP 43 resolutely resists heat. Less than 160 degrees Celsius were measured inside the FireProtec safe FP 43 after one hour at a temperature of up to 1,030 degrees Celsius. This is far below the ignition temperature of paper so that your papers and documents would be safe in an emergency. The FireProtec safe FP 43 is certified in accordance with #2007-0881 CNCF fire protection.

Solid insulating concrete as protection against rapid heating

The 29 kilogram safe achieves this great resistance to fire thanks to a solid and all-over lining of insulating concrete. What’s more, the body with its all-round fire fold offers additional protection against fire and heat.

Theft protection thanks to firm fixture to the floor

The FireProtec safe FP 43 naturally protects your valuables and documents against forced opening too. Both the door and body are double-walled. The dead bolt on the hinge side offers an additional advantage when it comes to safety. The FireProtec safe FP 43 must be firmly secured to the ground to guarantee optimum theft protection. To this end, the safe is prepared for fixture to the floor in the factory. The fastening materials needed are of course included with the safe.

Batteries enclosed: FireProtec safe FP 43 ready for immediate use

The FP 43 E can be easily opened and closed with an electronic combination lock. Any combination can of course be chosen and/or changed at any time. Furthermore, an additional emergency opening lock mechanism is provided. The FireProtec safe FP 43 comes complete with four Mignon batteries. This means that the safe is ready for immediate operation. No power supply is needed.

The FireProtec safe FP 43 at a glance

  • Document safe with tested fire protection: less than 160 degrees inside the safe after 60 minutes at over 1,000 degrees
  • body and door double-walled
  • all-over filling of sold insulating concrete
  • body with all-round fire fold
  • prepared for fixture to the floor – fastening materials included
  • electronic combination lock with additional emergency opening lock
  • Adjustable combination Battery-operated,
  • includes 4 Mignon batteries, type LR 6 AA


Article Exterior H x B x T Interior H x B x T Weight Volume
mm mm kg l
FP 43 E 305 x 400 x 330 225 x 320 x 220 29,0 15,8

Additional information

Weight 29,0 kg
Dimensions 30,5 × 40,0 × 33,0 cm