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The fire protective safe reliably shelters your documents from fire

Extremely fire resistant: The fire protective safe from BURG-WÄCHTER. Here, important documents find enough space and shelter from fire and heat.

Tested protection against fire

The body and the door of the fire protective safe FP 4 is double-walled and fully and massively filled with insulating concrete. The body is additionally provided with a surrounding fire fold.
This safe successfully passed the fire protection test: It can provide fire protection up to 60 minutes at a heat up to 1000°C for your documents. Despite the vast heat generation, the inside temperature after 60 minutes still lies under 177°C.

Modern, self-programmable electronic lock

With the help of this electronic combination lock, you can program and change your personal access code at all times. Therefore, the opening happens very easy and convenient. Next to user codes, there is one master code. In a case of emergency, there is an additional lock for emergency opening.
The electronic lock does not need any external power sources as it is operating via batteries. Standardly, four batteries are provided – now you can put your safe directly into use!
Please note that the lock armature protrudes 22 mm.

Preventing burglary with sturdy anchoring possibility

Prepared for the floor fixation, we advise you to attach your FP 4 with the included fixing material sturdy to the floor. That way, you prevent that your safe along with your valuables is being taken away.

The fire protective safe from BURG-WÄCHTER

  • Document safe – certified protection against fire
  • Body and door double-walled
    fully filled with insulating concrete
  • Door with double-sided locking
  • Safe tested to keep interior below 177°C for one hour in the event of fire – good protection for your documents
  • Body with specially designed fire fold
  • Prepared for floor fixing – fixing included
  • With modern, user programmed electronic combination lock
  • You can change your secret code at any time
  • With user code and master code
  • Battery operated (4 x 1,5 V Mignon)
  • No electrical supply necessary
  • Additional lock for emergency opening
  • The locking armature protrudes 22 mm

Additional information

Weight38.0 kg
Dimensions34.5 × 48.5 × 40.0 cm