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HomeSafe H 3 – mechanical lock


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The HomeSafe from BURG-WÄCHTER (Models until 2019)

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The HomeSafe with security level A: Perfect to integrate into your furniture

The BURG-WÄCHTER furniture safes of the HomeSafe series (security level A) are perfect to integrate into your furniture and protect your valuables from burglary in a most effective way.

ECB•S-certified security lock

With the armoured security double-bit lock, the HomeSafe stores your valuables very safely. Of course is this lock certified (ECB•S according to EN 1300) and tested (VdS). The security lock gives 9 levers and more than one million key differs. This version of the HomeSafe is standardly provided with two keys.


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Compact design – fits onto every shelf

The safe body of the HomeSafe is single-walled. The door is constructed with two walls – for the extra protection against breaking-open. The inside and the adjustable shelf offer enough space and an organised storage for jewellery, cash money and documents up to format A4. The safe door’s effective square bolt locking provides additional protection against theft.
The HomeSafe’s classic and simple design is timeless and harmonises with almost every piece of furniture.

The HomeSafe (security level A) from BURG-WÄCHTER

  • Single-walled home safe, compact – fits onto every shelf
  • Security level A according to VDMA 24992, 5/95
  • Single-walled body
  • Double-walled door
  • Effective square bolt locking
  • Prepared for double wall fixing, with fixing material, two drill holes
  • Ideal for A4 documents
  • 2 keys included
  • Includes one shelf
  • Colour: black

Anchoring possibility against forcible stealing

Anchor your HomeSafe sturdy and easily with your wall. That is what the safe is made for. With the help of the two back wall drillings, you can assemble the safe effortlessly with your shelf or the wall. That way it is ideally fixed and unshakeable, therefore it is not possible to take away the safe along with your valuables.

The HomeSafe (security level A) from BURG-WÄCHTER stores your valuables securely and the compact construction easily finds a place in one of your pieces of furniture.


Article Exterior H x W x D Interior H x W x D Door H x W Weight Volume
mm mm Öffnung mm kg l
H 3 S 257 x 347 x 298 216 x 340 x 243 184 x 276 16,0 17,8


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Weight 16.0 kg
Dimensions 25.7 × 34.7 × 29.8 cm