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PointSafe P2 EWS with two insertion slots


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PointSafe P2 EWS – The furniture safe with two practical insertion slots

Quickly stow an envelope or important documents in the safe: This is a common situation in both corporate and private life. With the PointSafe P2 EWS, you do not have to open the safe first to stow away important things quickly and safely. Because the PointSafe P2 EWS offers two practical insertion slots at the same time. One on the top of the safe (325 mm x 10 mm) for larger papers up to DIN-A4 format. The other on the front (240 mm x 10 mm). Practical: even if the safe is permanently installed, e.g. in a cabinet, you can always conveniently reach a deposit slot.

With double-bit lock or electronic combination lock

The PointSafe EWS is equipped with a solid single walled body and a double-walled door. In doing so, you have the choice between two different systems. The version with double-bit lock is supplied with two keys. The batteries required for the electronic combination lock are included. This means that your safe with insertion slit is ready for immediate operation. Moreover, there is also a lock for the emergency opening. With the electronic combination lock, you program your personal user and general code. Of course, you can change your PIN at any time.

PointSafe P2 EWS already prepared for anchoring

To protect the safe against theft, it must be securely anchored to the wall and / or floor. Of course, the appropriate fixing material is supplied. The drill holes for anchoring are available ex works. Two in the rear wall, two in the floor. The P2 models also have a removable shelf. This allows you to optimally sort and store valuables, documents and cherished items.

The safe PointSafe P2 EWS at a glance

  • Tested in the BURG-WÄCHTER laboratory
  • Can be installed in cupboards, desks, etc.
  • Solid single-walled body
  • Door double-walled
  • Two insertion slots: top (325 mm x 10 mm) for large paper up to DIN A4 format and front side (240 mm x 10 mm)
  • Prepared for wall and floor fixing, two back wall plus 2 floor drill holes; fixings included
  • With removable shelves
PointSafe EWS version E (electronic combination lock)
  • Smooth motor powered locking mechanism automatically opens the door
  • General and user code: combination adjustable
  • Battery operated; incl. 4x Mignon batteries, type LR 6 AA
  • No power connection necessary
  • Additional lock for emergency opening
  • The locking armature protrudes 15 mm
PointSafe EWS version S (double-bit lock)
  • Comes with 2 keys


Article Exterior H x W x D Interior H x W x D Insertions Slots H x W Weight Volume
mm mm mm kg  l
PointSafe P2 S EWS (double-bit lock) 255 x 350 x 300 248 x 343 x 241 325 x 10 / 240 x 10 14.0 20.5
PointSafe P2 E EWS (electronic combination lock) 255 x 350 x 300 248 x 343 x 241 325 x 10 / 240 x 10 14.0 20.5

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Locking systems

Double-bit lock, Electronic combination lock