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Ranger I/8 – mechanical lock


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The Ranger I/8 from BURG-WÄCHTER (Models until 2019)

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Gun cabinet Ranger with resistance grade I

BURG-WÄCHTER has the ideal solution for all foresters, hunters and hobby shooters: The Ranger provides a responsible storage place for your weapons. The gun cabinet Ranger I/8 keeps up to eight of your long guns including ammunition.

The gun safe Ranger offers a secure place for your weapons

This gun cabinet from BURG-WÄCHTER is suitable for the storage of up to eight long guns including ammunition. Please inform yourself about the respective current laws on arms in your country prior to the purchase.
The Ranger I/8 is type tested and supervised by the ECB•S/VdS and is certified in protection against burglary and fire according to EN 1143-1 – this means an especially high degree of security.
A clear height of 1220 mm up to the inserted shelf eases an organised storage of your guns. Another storage possibility is offered with the holder for barrel cleaners in the door. With the additional shelf, you can for instance safely store ammunition.

Innovative, resettable high security lock

The armoured high security double-bit lock “SecuSafe” is a more than convenient answer in the case of a key loss. With such a loss, with the help of a separately available set of keys the lock can immediately be reset. Your advantage: No more expensive exchanging of locks – with only a few trained movements, your gun cabinet is operational again.
The safe lock of the Ranger I/8 offers ten levers and 50 million key differs. It is according to EN 1300, ECB•S certified (class B) and VdS tested (class 2).
Please note that the lock armature protrudes 25 mm.

Sturdy construction for a high degree of resistance

The double-walled body of the gun cabinet is made of 3 mm steel. The door is double-walled as well and locks through 28 mm strong round bolts on three sides. The door additionally is secured with round bolts on the hinge side.
Standardly, the Ranger is constructed for a robust floor fixation and with the included fixing material, can easily be connected with the floor.

Your security advantage: The Ranger I/8 is provided with a non-resettable emergency locking system within the door mechanics – with that, your guns are ideally protected in a case of theft.

The Ranger I/8 offers a commercial insurance coverage of up to 20.000 € and a private coverage of up to 65.000 €. Please consider that due to differing insurance conditions, an agreement with your insurer is necessary.

The Ranger I/8 from BURG-WÄCHTER at a glance

  • Resistance grade I
  • Type tested and supervised security by the ECB•S/Vds
  • Protection against burglary and fire
  • Clear height with inserted shelf: 1241 mm
  • Body double-walled
  • Door double-walled
  • Solid three-sided locking through round bolts of Ø 28 mm
  • Clear height up to the inserted shelf: 1220 mm
  • Additional round bolts on the hinge side
  • Prepared for floor fixing, with fixing material

Security advantage:
includes non-resettable emergency locking system within the door mechanics


Article for weapons Exterior H x W x D Interior H x W x D Weight
mm mm kg
Ranger I/8 S 8 1486 x 641 x 554 1336 x 498 x 370 265

Additional information

Weight 265 kg
Dimensions 148.6 × 64.1 × 55.4 cm

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