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Stow away your long guns safely and responsibly in a Ranger from BURG-WÄCHTER

As a gun owner, you have a great responsibility. The gun cabinet Ranger R S1/7 responsibly stores away up to seven long guns including ammunition. Optimal for all foresters, hunters and hobby shooters!

The gun cabinet Ranger offers a safe place for your guns

This gun cabinet from BURG-WÄCHTER offers tested and certified protection against theft (resistance grade S1 according to EN 14450) and is suitable for the storage of up to seven long guns including ammunition. Before purchase: Please inform yourself about your country’s current individual laws on arms.
A maximum clear height of 1220 mm eases an organised storage of your weapons.
Other storage possibilities are provided, like the holder for barrel cleaners in the door and the extra double-walled, lockable compartment (interior dimension H 110 x W 270 x D 155 mm) with double-bit lock. The inner compartment got a resistance grade B according to VDMA 24992 (May 1995). For example, this would be a perfect place to keep ammunition.

Electronic combination lock “SecuTronic” with integrated finger scan module

The programmable, electronic combination lock “SecuTronic” developed by BURG-WÄCHTER is standardly provided with an integrated finger scan module. An extremely fast, convenient and safe solution for all who do not want to carry any keys.
To open the gun cabinet, two fingers need to be programmed in advance. The precise and highly sensitive authentication method operates quick and reliable. The finger scan only works with “real, live, fingers” – meaning, the scanner does not read fake fingers or copies. This protects the lock successfully from manipulation.

The electronic lock is VdS certified (EN 1300, class 2) and offers one million different combinations. With the help of the intelligent menu-driven operation, administration of up to ten user codes, up to 20 finger prints and up to 300 optional TSE E-Keys is effortlessly possible. Via the optional TSE PC software, user names, access times and rights, calendar options and much more can be organised.
Standardly provided there are two batteries, so that you can put your gun cabinet to use immediately.
Please note that the hinges protrude 20 mm and the lock armature protrudes 34 mm.

High resistance due to robust construction

The one-walled body of the gun cabinet is made of 3 mm steel and is equipped with an all-round fire fold. The door is double-walled and locks with sturdy round bolts on three sides. The Ranger is prepared for the stable wall and floor fixation and with the help of the fixing material can easily be assembled. That way, you are always on the safe side.

Please note that due to differing insurance conditions, an agreement with your insurance company is necessary.

The gun cabinet Ranger R S1/7 from BURG-WÄCHTER

  • Single-walled gun cabinet with lockable compartment
  • Type tested and supervised security, resistance grade S1 according to EN 14450
  • For up to 7 rifles
  • Maximum clear height 1220 mm
  • Single-walled body made of 3 mm steel with specially designed fire fold
  • Double-walled door
  • Three-sided locking through strong round bolts
  • With holder for barrel cleaners in the door
  • Lockable interior compartment, double-walled
    g. for common ammunition storage
    (H 110 x W 270 x D 155 mm inside), security grade B according to the VDMA 24992 – 5/95
  • Prepared for wall and floor fixing, fixings included
  • German technology
  • Colour: black (similar to RAL 9005)


Articlefor weaponsExterior H x W x DInterior H x W x DWeight
Ranger R S1/7 E71450 x 400 x 3151444 x 394 x 25182

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