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The high-carat protection for your valuables

You do not have to secure loads of carats in our safe. After all everyone has many different things that he or she holds precious and special. And exactly for these objects our Karat provides security at home. The same applies to cash money, jewelry and important documents. In fact, the security cabinet by BURG-WÄCHTER is extremely robust and provides great resistance against opening by force.

The Karat furniture safe in video


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Here is how the Karat is built

The body of the Karat consists of three steel walls. Furthermore the outer surface is produced with especially hard stainless steel. This perfect interplay provides a flame-cutting protection. Especially strong steel is installed in the door. A thick plate of 7 mm SM steel in the double-walled door ensures security. The locking system works with square bolts on three sides. The bolts on the top and on the bottom are protected by an integrated steel roller. All this allows a considerable additional protection against opening by force. For instance against drilling, flame-cutting and breaking-open. A further advantage concerning security: the thermal puncture-proof emergency locking system in front of each bolt.

Protection against fire and theft

In addition to external violence the Karat resists also fire. Thanks to its fire-resistant material (according to DIN 4102-A1) and a surrounding fire-breaking seal in the body, the inside of the safe gets warm only slowly. In this way your documents and files, as well as cash money are protected for a longer time. A security cabinet can be this safe. Moreover burglars can not take it away, thanks to a stable anchoring. For this reason the Karat comes ex works as standard with drilled holes. With the fastening material – delivered with the safe – the Karat can be firmly anchored in a wall or on the floor.

In case of key loss: just reset the lock!

With both safe sizes you can choose between two locking systems. Of course with a mechanical key (model K). Or with the modern electronic locking system „SecuTronic“ (E FP model) for opening by code or by fingerprint. The high security double-bit lock „SecuSafe“ of the Karat safe provides an intelligent advantage. In fact, if you lose one of your keys, you just need to order a new key set and reset the lock to this new set. If someone stole your old key, the safe can not be open any more with it thanks to the resettable lock! Our video shows how it is done.

Modern electronic lock with fingerprint

The modern electronics of the safe „SecuTronic“ TRSE 12 H FP combines security and comfort. In fact, the operating panel provides a sloping touch-sensitive keypad with graphic display. Instead of struggling to find the „on” button, you only need to scrim over the interface. In this way you activate it and turn the two-tone lightings on. Furthermore the sloping display guarantees also an ideal top view. Of course you can freely chose the opening code. An admin code and nine user codes are available. Moreover you can read the opening history directly on the display.

The Karat provides blocking time, opening delay, connection to alarm system

The lock „SecuTronic“ TRSE 12 H FP provides an opening delay (max. 99 minutes). It means: After entering the code the set period of time passes, until the Karat gets open. After entering three wrong codes a blocking time is activated. In this way burglars have no chance to try many codes. Optionally the Karat safe can be connected to the alarm system. All these details increase you security even more!

Authorized for short weapons storage

The safety cabinet is delivered with an adjustable shelf. In this way you can organize your valuables as you wish. Thanks to the slender design the inside can be optimally used. The smaller Karat model MT 24 has an interior volume of 25,8 liters, the bigger model MT 26 reaches 45,3 liters. Both have an elegant and timeless platinum grey finish. Furthermore in the Karat you can also store up to five short weapons, ammunitions included, according to the tightened German weapons law (§36) of July 2017. Thus the security cabinet Karat is a safe and responsible place to store weapons.

At a glance: the BURG-WÄCHTER furniture safe Karat

  • Type tested security, supervised by the ECB•S/VdS
  • Resistance grade 0 (N)
  • Fire-proof, certified protection against burglary according to EN 1143-1
  • Fire-resistant material according to DIN 4102-A1, body with surrounding fire-breaking seal
  • Triple-walled body, outside material of  stainless steel material against flame-cutting
  • Double-walled door with additional reinforcement, door plate of 7 millimeters thick SM steel
  • Locking system on three sides through strong square bolts, door bolts on the top and on the bottom with integrated steel roller. Thus the safe offers an extreme additional protection against drilling, flame-cutting and breaking-open.
  • Protective armoring of the lock
  • Ready for anchoring in the back wall and on the floor; a drilled hole in the middle of the backwall and one in the middle of the bottom wall. Fixing material is delivered with the rest. Anchoring ensures high resistance against displacement.
  • Continuous support rail on the hinge side
  • An adjustable shelf, as deep as a standard file
  • Available in two sizes: MT 24 and MT 26
  • Finish in platinum grey
Model K (mechanical lock)
  • Armored high security double-bit lock „SecuSafe“
  • In case of key loss: easy-to-reset lock
  • 10 levers, 50 millions locking possibilities
  • The key remains trapped in the lock as long as the safe is open
  • VdS tested (class 2) and certified according to EN 1300 ECB•S (lock class B)
  • Lock armature protrudes 3 mm
Model E FP (electronic lock with fingerprint scanner)
  • ECB•S certified (class B)
  • Identification of real fingers „Fake Finger Detection“
  • Up to 10 six-digit user codes
  • Up to 20 fingerprints
  • Modern elektronics with graphic display and touch-sensitive interface (with lightings)
  • Sloping display for ideal user-friendliness
  • Extra security: opening delay individually adjustable (max. 99 minutes)
  • Software updates with SD card
  • The opening history can be read on the display
  • Menu in 12 languages
  • Easy batteries change (included in the scope of supply)
  • Lock armature protrudes 20 mm

The Karat models at a glance

Item Outside H x W x D (mm) Inside H x W x D (mm) Door H x W (opening in mm) Weight (kg) Capacity (l) Locking system
MT 640 K 340 x 430 x 390 250 x 348 x 294 250 x 336 48,0 25,8 Mechanical lock
MT 660 K 530 x 430 x 390 440 x 348 x 294 440 x 336 67,0 45,3 Mechanical lock
MT 640 E FP 340 x 430 x 390 250 x 348 x 294 250 x 336 48,0 25,8 Code and fingerprint
MT 660 E FP 530 x 430 x 390 440 x 348 x 294 440 x 336 67,0 45,3 Code and fingerprint


Our safes in comparison

Download the comparison table as PDF file

Further information in the detailed table


Furniture safe / Safety cabinets Pointsafe Homesafe H 3 Homesafe CityLine Combi-Line Magno Karat Diplomat
BURG-WÄCHTER Security level
Security level / resistance grade A according to VDMA 24992 B according to VDMA 24992 B according to VDMA 24992 B according to VDMA 24992 /
S2 according to DIN EN 14450
N according to EN 1143-1 N according to EN 1143-1 I according to EN 1143-1
Tested fire resistance 30 minutes according to EN 15659 60 minutes according to EN 15659
Security dopple-bit lock
Adjustable security dopple-bit lock
Electronic combination lock
Electronic ECB-S / VdS tested combination lock
Electronic combination lock with fingerprint scanner
Electronic combination lock with VdS certified fingerprint scanner
Weapons according to § 36 (1) from 07.07.2017 max. 5 short weapons ammunitions included max. 5 short weapons ammunitions included More than 10 short weapons ammunitions included
Possible sum privately insured * * * * 20.000 € 40.000 € 40.000 € 65.000 €
Possible sum trade-insured 2.500 € 2.500 € 2.500 € 2.500 € 10.000 € 10.000 € 20.000 €

Insurance conditions for safes

* Due to the different insurance conditions an assessment with the insurer is required. You reach a higher insurance coverage through the consultation with your insurer.

  • All cabinets weighing less than 1.000 kg are equipped with an anchoring system und should be anchored according to the assembly instructions. With each ECB-S/VdS approved container the operating instructions and the assembly instruction are included.
  • Due to the clause of key safekeeping and more specifically due to the high risk of key theft we recommend combination locks to insurers. Burg-Wächter presents safes with:
    • Mechanical combination lock
    • Electronical combination lock
      You increase your protection.

Please note that the more reliable your safe is, the more convenient the insurance premium becomes.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

General questions about safes

Questions about the Karat safe


General questions about safes


I am looking for a fire-resistant safe. Which grade of fire-resistance do the safes provide and what does the level information mean?

The level information is used to classify the single models in the BURG-WÄCHTER family. If you are looking for a safe that provide both a tested fire-resistance and a certified protection against burglary, we recommend a safe from the Combi-Line series, the MTD F 60 safe or an OfficeDoku safe.


My safe is locked and I don’t have my keys any more. What can I do if I can’t find my keys?

Please contact a local security specialist (dealer search on our homepage). If the key has been stolen or lost, depending on the value of the safe we recommend either replacing the safe or installing a new lock. If you are looking for a specialist, our service helpline + 49 (0)2335 965 366 will be glad to help you.


My key broke. What can I do?

First of all check whether the key bit is stuck in the lock. If so, try to remove the broken-off part of the key in order to open the lock with the second key. Then you should bring the second key to a dealer specialized in security products (locksmith), who will make a duplicate key for you.


What happens to the code when the batteries are changed?

As a rule, the code is retained and does not have to be reconfigured after a battery change for all current safes by BURG-WÄCHTER.


I would like to change my codes. Where can I find the operating instructions?

You can find the right operating instructions for each safe on the BURG-WÄCHTER homepage.


The electronic lock on my safe is not giving out any more signals and/or is not responding at all. What can I do?

Firstly you should try to change the batteries. If necessary, clean the battery contacts and spray them with pole grease or contact spray. If the electronic lock is still not giving any signal, try to remove the batteries and then press the ON/Enter button several times (at least three times), insert new batteries and try again with the usual code.


On which safe can you replace the door:

  1. after a burglary attempt
  2. to change the locking system from S to E?

Both after a burglary attempt and in case you wish to change the locking system, you have the possibility to replace the door on VdS-approved safes and gun cabinets with resistance grade 0 (N) or higher. This is possible on Karat, Diplomat, Office, and Royal safes.



Questions about Karat safes

I would like to fix my safe. Are rawlplugs and screws included? If so, where are they?

Yes, with the Karat series safes rawlplugs and screws are included. You can find them in a plastic bag inside the safe.


I would like to fix my safe to the wall. Has the safe drilled holes designed for this purpose?

On the back wall of the safe there are two anchoring possibilities. However, the back wall of the safe is not drilled through in order to avoid visible holes on the backwall in case you want the safe to be freestanding. In case of anchoring to the wall the outer wall of the safe has to be drilled through from the inside to the outside with a steel drill.


The door of my safe rattles. How can I set the door system?

An opening on the left of the safe frame (where the bolts lock up) contains a pliable metal strap. You can bend this strap with a strong screwdriver in order to close the door in the right way and without noise.


Can I receive a shelf for my safe?

Yes, there are shelves for these safes, please ask the local specialist dealer (dealer search on our homepage).


Ich have bought a new safe with an electronic combination lock. Are the batteries included? Where can I find them?

Yes, you can find the 2 necessary batteries in the battery compartment with separation plates.


Has the electronic system an emergency lock working with keys? If so, where are the emergency keys?

Safes like this one, with certified electronic lock, have in general no mechanical emergency lock.


What can I do if any code is known but the door is still open?

The circuit board has to be changed. Please ask a local specialist dealer (dealer search on our homepage) or the BURG-WÄCHTER service helpline (+ 49 (0)2335 965 366).


What can I do if any code is known and the door is closed?

Please ask a local specialist dealer (dealer search on our homepage) or the BURG-WÄCHTER service helpline (+ 49 (0)2335 965 366).


What happens to the code when the batteries are changed?

The code is retained and does not have to be reconfigured.


Which is the code of my safe in delivery condition?

On the BURG-WÄCHTER homepage you can find all instructions for use. The factory code is 123456.


Modern technology, timeless design

How to commission your new safe

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