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The Karat wall safe with resistance grade 0

With the Karat wall safe, you are not only optimally protected against theft, but you also have the option of adapting the safe to the wall thickness and to your special requirements. The Karat wall safe is especially well suited for hidden safekeeping of valuables in everyday life. Especially where a special wall adaptation is necessary. The wall safe can also be used in the office or for business.

With ECB•S and VdS monitored security and certified protection against burglary in accordance with EN 1143-1 with resistance grade 0 (N), you are safe and secure with Karat. The smallest wall safe in the series, Karat WT 613 E, provides security level B in accordance with VDMA 24992.

The practical solution for maximising interior space

The Karat wall safe offers a variable depth. With the adjustable safe body, you have room for file folders when the safe is fully extended (except for WT 613 E) and thus sufficient space for important documents. The shelf adapts individually to every depth. The shelf is adjustable and will make the organisation and storage of your valuables easier.

Material protected against flame cutting

The housing frame of the Karat 614 and 616 wall safe is made from stainless steel that is protected against flame cutting. The safe not only reliably protects against theft of your valuables but also against fire and heat thanks to the fire-protective material in accordance with DIN 4102-A1 that is integrated in the door as well as due to the all-round fire fold in the body.

Added armouring reliably protects the door

The door of the wall safe has double wall construction and is equipped with additional protective armouring. The door leaf consists of solid 7 mm thick SM steel. The door is locked on three sides by robust square bolts. The locking bolts on the top and bottom have an integrated steel coil. That means an extreme additional protection against opening by fire-cutting, drilling and breaking. An all-over rear gripping bar on the hinge side increases the resistance during attempted break-ins.

Your security advantage with the 614 and 616 series: A thermal emergency locking system and a special breakage security device in front of each locking bolt provide additional security.

You have a choice of locking systems

The Karat wall safe is available with three different locking systems: a classic key, a combination of electronic combination lock with fingerprint as well as an electronic combination lock with the WT 613 E. An armoured high-security double bit “SecuSafe” lock is used with the mechanical lock. The lock is resettable and thereby a more than practical solution in case a key is lost.

Resettable “SecuSafe” lock protects if key is lost

If the key is lost, the lock can immediately be reset by a key set (available separately) to a new key differ. Your advantage: no cumbersome and costly replacement of the entire lock – the problem is solved with only a few practised steps.

Karat’s safe lock offers 10 tumblers and 50 million key differs and has a key retaining that enables removing a key only after a correct closing of the safe door. It is VdS tested (Class 2) and certified in accordance with EN 1300 ECB·S (class B). Please note that the locking armature protrudes 3 mm.

New “SecuTronic” electronics scores points with convenience and security

There is also, of course, a Karat wall safe with an electronic opening. The modern safe electronics “SecuTronic” TRSE 12 H FP scores points with sophisticated features for security and convenience. The control panel offers a sloping touch control panel with graphics display. To activate it, you only have to briefly swipe the “On” field. The control is then ready and illuminated in two colours. In addition, the sloping control panel ensures an optimal view from above. You can, of course, freely choose the opening code. An admin code and nine user codes are available. What’s more, you can read off the opening history directly on the display.

Delayed opening, lockout period, connection to alarm system

The “SecuTronic” TRSE 12 H FP electronic lock has an opening delay (maximum of 99 min). That means: after entering the correct code, the programmed time elapses until the safe can be opened. A lockout time is activated after three incorrect codes have been entered, so that burglars have no chance to try out a lot of combinations. In addition, the Karat wall safe can be optionally connected to an alarm system or alarm reporting system. All these details further increase your security! The touch electronics is used with models WT 614 E FP and WT 616 E FP. The smaller model WT 613 E uses the “SecuTronic” with a programmable numeric code.

The recommended amount insured ranges from up to 40,000 euros for private use and up to 10,000 euros for commercial use. (Note that due to different insurance conditions, consultation with your insurance company is necessary.) Here you can find the Karat models for installation in pieces of furniture and for a free-standing set-up.

The Karat wall safe at a glance

  • Resistance grade N
  • Type tested and monitored security by ECB·S/VdS
  • Certified protection against burglary in accordance with EN 1143-1
  • Wall safes with variable depth – adjustable safe body allows maximum internal space utilisation
  • Housing frame made of stainless steel that is protected against flame cutting
  • Double walled door with additional armouring, door leaf made of 7 mm SM steel
  • 3-sided locking by square bolts, locking bolts on the top and bottom with integrated steel coils, extreme protection against flame-cutting, drilling and breaking
  • All-over rear gripping bar on the hinge side
  • Safe door with fire-protective material in accordance with DIN 4102-A1Body with all-round fire fold
  • Sufficient depth for file folders when at maximum extension
  • WT 613 E: security level B according to VDMA 24992
  • 1 adjustable shelf
  • Paint finish: dark grey

Your security advantage (WT 614 and WT 616):

  • Thermal emergency locking mechanism, break-proof plate in front of every locking bolt
WT 614 K / WT 616 K (mechanical lock)
  • Armoured high-security double bit “SecuSafe” lock
  • If the key is lost: lock easily resettable
  • 10 tumblers, 50 million key differs
  • With key retaining
  • VdS tested (Class 2) and certified in accordance with EN 1300 ECB·S (class B)
  • Lock armature protrudes 3 mm
WT 614 E FP / WT 616 E FP (electronic lock with fingerprint)
  • ECB·S certified (class B)
  • “Fake Finger Detection”
  • Up to 10 six-digit user codes
  • Up to 20 fingerprints
  • Modern electronics with graphics display and touch control panel (illuminated)
  • Sloping display for optimal operability
  • Security advantage: delayed opening can be individually adjusted (maximum of 99 min)
  • Software-Updates via SD card
  • Visible closing history
  • Menu navigation in 12 languages
  • Easy replacement of batteries (included with delivery)
  • Lock armature protrudes 20 mm
WT 613 E (electronic lock)
  • Proven and easy to use SecuTronic electronic combination lock
  • Certified in accordance with EN 1300 ECB·S (class B)
  • A million real adjustment options
  • Individual 6-digit code for closing and opening the safe door
  • Batteries included
  • Lock armature protrudes 19 mm


WT models at a glance

Article Exterior H x W x D (mm) Interior H x W x D (mm) Door (H x W(opening in mm) Weight (kg) Content (litres) Locking system
WT 614 K 342 x 434 x 233-351 250 x 352 x 178-296 250 x 336 27,5 15,6-26,0 Mechanical lock
WT 616 K 532 x 434 x 233-351 440 x 352 x 178-296 440 x 336 39,0 27,5-45,7 Mechanical lock
WT 614 E FP 342 x 434 x 233-351 250 x 352 x 178-296 250 x 336 27,5 15,6-26,0 Code and fingerprint
WT 616 E FP 532 x 434 x 233-351 440 x 352 x 178-296 440 x 336 39,0 27,5-45,7 Code and fingerprint
WT 613 E 250 x 350 x 233-351 190 x 300 x 188,5-306,5 190 x 251 18,0 10,7-17,4 Code

Additional information

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General safe questions

Questions about the Karat safe


General safe questions


I'm looking for a safe with fire protection. How much fire protection does each safe offer and what do the levels mean?
The level specification defines the classification of the individual models within the BURG-WÄCHTER family. If you are looking for a safe that offers both tested fire protection and certified burglary protection, we recommend a safe from the Combi-Line series, the MTD F 60 or an OfficeDoku.

My safe is locked and I cannot find my keys. What can I do if the keys can no longer be found?
Contact a local security specialist (Dealer Locator on our homepage). If the key has been stolen or lost, we recommend either replacing the safe or installing a new lock, depending on the value of the safe. Our service line + 49 (0)2335 965 366 will be happy to help you find the right specialist.

My key is broken. What can I do?
First check if the key bit is lodged in the lock. If so, try to remove the broken off key piece in order to open the lock with the spare key. Then you should take the spare key to a specialist security dealer (locksmith), who can then make a duplicate key for you.

What happens with the pre-set code when the batteries are changed?
Generally for all current safes from BURG-WÄCHTER, the code is retained and does not require reconfiguration after a battery change.

I want to change my codes. Where can I find the operating instructions?
The relevant operating instructions for each safe can be found on the BURG-WÄCHTER homepage.

The electronic lock to my safe no longer sends signals and/or does not react at all. What can I do in this case?
The first step is to try to change the batteries. If necessary, clean the battery contacts and spray them with pole grease or contact spray. If the electronic lock still does not send a signal, remove the batteries and then press the ON/Enter button repeatedly (at least 3 times), insert new batteries and try again with the same code.

Which safes allow for door replacement:

  1. a) after a break-in?
  2. b) to change the locking system from S to E?

It is possible to replace the door after a break-in as well as if the locking system needs to be changed in VdS-tested safes and weapon cabinets from resistance grade 0 (N). The Karat, Diplomat, Office, and Royal safes meet this requirement.


Questions about the Karat safe


The door to my safe rattles. How can I adjust the door clearance?
An opening in the safe frame on the left (where the bolts lock into) contains a flexible metal tab. You can bend this tab with a sturdy screwdriver in such a way that the door closes correctly and without rattling.

Is there a shelf available for my safe?
Yes, there are shelves for these safes, please ask your local dealer. (Dealer Locator on our homepage).

I have bought and unpacked a new safe. Where can I find the key?
One key is in the safe, the other outside in a case on the rear wall of the body.

My key is broken. What can I do?
If you have a spare key, you can order a new set of keys at a security specialist (locksmith). With the new set you can inexpensively and securely change the key differ of the safe.