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Secures windows and doors – contact detector Contact 2030

Smart Home notifies you when an uninvited guest calls

Professional burglars need only a few seconds to enter an unsecured window or door. Once entry is gained they can remove valuables & goods within minutes, therefore minimising the amount of time a criminal is inside the property is important. The window and door contact Contact 2030 from the BURGprotectTM series immediately signals when uninvited guests attempt to intrude. If someone interrupts the contact between the two components (transmitter and receiver) the Smart Home Central Base 2200 is notified and a loud alarm is activated. In addition, you will be informed directly from the BURGprotectTM app via push message on your smartphone.

Contact 2030 is mounted in a few seconds

You can fix the Contact 2030 to the window or door frame in just a few seconds – without screws! The contact alarm can be easily fixed with the supplied extra strong adhesive pads. These pads can be removed and the Smart Home Sensor can be placed into a new location when required. The sensor can be installed on both left or right hinged doors & windows. Self-adhesive installation allows monitoring of other devices such as safes and cash boxes, warning you of unauthorised opening.

Long range, long battery life

The window and door contact offers a range of up to 50 metres within the home. This provides complete flexibility in setting up your smart home. The Contact 2030 also scores points with its economical power consumption – the battery lasts up to three years. When the battery needs to be changed the BURGprotectTM app will inform you in good time, ensuring your alarm system is in operation at all times.

The Contact 2030 at a glance

  • Suitable for windows, doors, safes
  • Alarm message when the contact is interrupted
  • Easy installation, fastening without screws
  • Low battery message
  • Compatible with the entire BURGprotect series
  • Battery included
Operating voltage DC 1,5 V
Max. power input 1 x R2032
Max. operating current 55~65 mA
Max. standby 9,5~11 μA
Max. range outside 200 m*
Max. range inside 50 m*
Transmission frequency 433,92 MHz
Working temperature -10 °C bis 40 °C
Weight 46,7 g (incl. battery)
Dimensions Detector: 80 x 38 x 13 mm (H x B x T)
Magnet: 80 x 15 x 13 mm (H x B x T)

*Varies greatly depending on environmental factors