Here is how you secure your valuables.

Right in this moment it is important to secure your valuables even better: cash money, important documents, jewels and everything you hold dear. Do not give burglars and intruders a chance.


A robust protection against burglary, theft, fire! The safes from BURG-WÄCHTER are a safe storage place for everything you hold dear and precious! That something extra: customized opening delay.


No matter if it is by code or fingerprint: opening and closing your safe has never been that easy! The new electronic systems featuring the safes from BURG-WÄCHTER bring comfort and clever functionality together at the service of your security.


Classic colours or customized vernish : the safes from BURG-WÄCHTER provide timeless elegance and  the possibility to add a personal touch.

Advisor : 4 steps to choose the perfect safe !

If you need a safe but you are not sure of the right model for you: with the help of our checklist you will quickly get an overview and you will make the perfect decision for sure!


• Wie groß ist Ihr Platzbedarf?

• Was möchten Sie alles sichern?

Kfz-Brief und Auto-Ersatzschlüssel, Bargeld, Schmuck, Laptop, Kamera, Aktenordner, Urkunden, Münzen und Briefmarken etc. Machen Sie sich Notizen und erstellen Sie Ihre eigene Liste und denken Sie auch an Platzreserven!


Wo möchten Sie Ihren Tresor

• In die Wand eingemauert

• In einer Schrankwand
(Befestigung durch die Rückwand)

• Freie Aufstellung im Raum


Welches Verschlusssystem
passt zu Ihnen?

• Schlüssel (Doppelbart-Schloss)

• Elektronisches Zahlenschloss

• Elektronisches Zahlenschloss
mit Fingerscan-Modul
(besonders schnell und komfortabel)


Wie groß ist mein Schutzbedarf?

• Schutz gegen Einbruch

• Schutz gegen Einbruch und Feuer

Wir empfehlen Ihnen vor dem Kauf eines Tresors eine Beratung mit Ihrer Hausratversicherung, um die nötige Sicherheitsstufe für die zu verschließenden Werte zu ermitteln. Eine Auflistung der derzeit gültigen Mindest-Versicherungssummen erhalten Sie gerne auf Anfrage.


  • How much storage place do you need?
  • What would you like to keep safe?

Vehicle registration documents and replacement car keys, cash money, jewels, computer, camera, files, certificates, coins and stamps etc. Take notes and write your own list and do not forget to save some storage space!


Where would you like to place your safe?

  • Wall integrated (space-saving)
  • Forniture integrated (fixing on the back)
  • Free installation into the room (fixing on wall/on the floor)

Locking system:

Which locking system fits you?

  • Key (double-bit lock)

  • Electronic combination lock
  • Electronic combination lock
    with fingerprint scanner (especially fast and comfortable)

Security :

How many protections do I need?

  • Protection against burglary
  • Protection against burglary and fire

We recommend to consult your household content insurer before buying a safe, in order to determine the security level you need for the valuables you would like to lock up. On request, we will be happy to send you a currently applicable list of the minimum sums assured.

Find the right safe for you

For every need we propose the most suitable model. From furniture safes to fire-proof safes, from gun cabinets to safety cabinets. Here you will find what you are looking for. Of course, BURG-WÄCHTER offers as well special solutions, like safes to be integrated into a wall, hotel safes and document safes.

Certified protection against burglary and fire


60 minutes certified protection against fire

Resistance grade I

Especially designed for short weapons and anesthetics


30 minutes certified protection against fire

Security level B

Premium electronic system with opening by fingerprint scanner or by code


30 minutes certified protection against fire

Security level B

Standard electronic system with opening by code



60 minutes certified protection against fire

Resistance grade II

For the storage of important documents

Certified protection at home


Resistance grade 0

Up to 5 short weapons and for anesthetics

Additional protection against flame cutting, drilling and breaking-open attempt


Resistance grade 0

Up to 5 short weapons and for anesthetics

Holder for short weapons on request


Security level B

Can be optimally integrated into furniture

Adjustable double-bit lock


Security level B

Can be optimally integrated into furniture

Storage space in folder depth

Safety cabinets/ Armoured safety cabinets up to resistance grade V


Resistance grade I to V

Two combined locking systems

Customized varnish


Security level B, up to resistance grade II

Optimal safe for commercial use

Customized varnish

Gun cabinets classes 0 and 1

Ranger N

Resistance grade 0

Up to 7 long guns, including ammunition

Storage compartment and cleaning rod holder

Ranger 800/8

Resistance grade I

Up to 8 long guns, including ammunition

Storage compartment and cleaning rod holder

Quality made
in Germany.

BURG-WÄCHTER develops its products exclusively in Germany. In addition, many of our safes and strongboxes are made in Germany.


The more robust the body, the more robust the safe. BURG-WÄCHTER employs up to three walls for the body and up to four walls for the door. Thus our heaviest safe weighs about two tons.


Comfort meets design: the new electronic systems of our safe are not only user-friendly but other than that they protect your valuables with some attractive features like blocking time and opening delay.

Our online support provides assistance

Keeping your distance can be totally personal. Our advisors support you at home in the selection of the best products. They listen carefully to your wishes and they help you with personalised advices and support you with the products.

Competence – Cordiality – Helpfullness.

Unsere Serviceline hilft

Abstand halten kann ganz persönlich sein. Unsere Fachberater
unterstützen Sie zu Hause bei der Auswahl der besten Produkte.
Sie hören genau zu, was Sie wünschen, und unterstützen Sie mit
individuellen Tipps und produktbezogenem Support.

Kompetent – freundlich – hilfsbereit.

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