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Burg-Wächter Secure Communities Scheme offers a cash award and security products to community projects to help secure their success.

UPDATE (01/10/2021):  Thank you for your interest in the Secure Communities Scheme. We are temporarily pausing new applications whilst we make some changes. Existing applications will not be affected and still processed as usual.

To achieve this and optimise the number of communities supported, the scheme now provides successful applicants with the option of choosing one of five standard security kits worth an average of £150 each (see below).  These security kits represent the most frequently requested items featured in the over 60 applications received under the new COVID-19 conditions.  Special security kits will still be created for applications that identify specific requirements not covered by these kits.

CCTV:  Some applicants wish to add a CCTV security kit to their application. Unfortunately, the Burg-Wächter CCTV options exceed the value limit for individual awards.   To help communities meet this need, the Secure Communities Scheme now incorporates a special award that allows CCTV products to be offered at a community discount. Applicants can pay for the kit at cost, where it exceeds the £150 limit.

Award Priorities: Where the scheme is oversubscribed, the awards panel will prioritise applications with specific security requirements relating to community premises, property and equipment, handling cash, enabling secure access to community sites or increasing physical security for vulnerable individuals.

What does the Secure Communities Scheme offer?

  • Applicants can apply for one of the five standard security kits or a bespoke specialist kit:
    • Premises (eg: village halls, community centres, project headquarters)
    • Perimeter (playing fields, outdoor areas, community gardens, allotments)
    • Outhouses, Sheds, Garages, Pavilions (storing equipment for gardening, sports or specialist activities)
    • Cash handling (storing or handling cash to the limit of £1,000)
    • Community access (allowing multiple approved code holders access to specific areas or buildings)
    • Specialist Security kits (relating to vulnerable individuals or specific security needs of specific communities such as shelters, hospices, food banks or for projects such as knife amnesties etc).
    • CCTV
  • Up to six security kits available within each application period (reviewed monthly)
  • CCTV kits are available at specialist SCS discounts

Who can apply?

Any grassroots organisation that benefits the local community based in the United Kingdom & Ireland can apply. Applications only have to meet simple criteria: that they are a community organisation with limited access to funds with which to increase security in the current situation.  That means any charity, social enterprise, not for profit and community venture can apply so long as the security kits will be used locally.   Apply today.

What type of activity or project is relevant?

There are very few limitations, but the scheme prioritises grassroots organisations who have the most difficulty in meeting extra security costs due to the current situation. Any property, equipment or area that is the responsibility of the local community is relevant, including allotments, sports clubs, village halls, common land or community centres.

Projects we have already helped:​

Local Causes Supported
Pcs. Equipment Provided
"The Secure Communities Scheme enables us to formalise and scale up our charitable and community support, so that it reaches a wider audience and helps even more people in the wider community."
“The Secure Communities Scheme allows us to provide a bigger & better event and give back to our local community, enticing a wider audience and showing them what Mirfield has to offer.”​
"The community award and security equipment ensured the twelfth year of the Maldon Festival was successful and secure. We were thrilled to be the first to pilot this great charitable scheme."
"Could you be our next project? Apply today and see how the Secure Communities Scheme can support your event or project. Simply complete the application form which can be found below."
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Recently supported projects:

Application Form:

Successful applicants will be notified within 30 days of applying. Valid for charities & organisations based in the United Kingdom & Ireland only.

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