Place your letter box conveniently in your front garden. With our diversified and optically appealing stands and installations, the BURG-WÄCHTER combinations are not only functional but especially presentable. Among the different versions and varying materials, you will definitely find your personal combination according to your wishes.

BURG-WÄCHTER Terzo Set 86440
The Terzo modular letterbox system

The Terzo modular letterbox system Terzo enables you to compose a freestanding and attractive letterbox system for your detached house or apartment building. The modern Terzo stands, posts and roofs can be supplemented with matching letterboxes in various sizes and colours. You … Read More

Universal 150 Ni
Universal 150

     (Uni 150 Ni)       (Uni 150) The universal letter box stand made of stainless or galvanised steel This letter box stand from BURG-WÄCHTER is suitable for many of our letter boxes. With this, your letter box … Read More

Universal 190 Ni
Universal 190 Ni

The perfect complement for your letter box stand 150 Ni This round arch made of untreated stainless steel can subsequently be added to the already existing stands – simply upgrade the overall design of your letter box. The uncoated stainless … Read More

Nordic 3680 Ni
Stainless steel stand with arch NORDIC 3685 Ni / 3785 Ni

The matching letter box stand for the shapely NORDIC You want to put up your Nordic at an individual place? This is possible with the matching stainless steel stand Nordic 3685 Ni or 3785 Ni from BURG-WÄCHTER. The stand is … Read More

Base Uni 150 Ni
Mounting BASE Uni 150

No concreting: Easy mounting with the mounting base BASE Uni 150 The BASE Uni 150 from BURG-WÄCHTER offers a practical mounting alternative to concreting your letter box constellation. Mounting is especially quick and convenient. With the two base units, you … Read More

Rondo 145 With Bremen 885

Elegant, semi-circular stand made of coated aluminium The matching stand for many of the BURG-WÄCHTER high quality plastic letter boxes. The elegant semi-circular stand Rondo rounds off the appearance of your letter box. Resistant aluminium material The coating of the … Read More

Europa 731 E
Europa 731 and 732

The large-capacity letter box Europa with spacious parcel compartment Here, not only letters find a stowage place… Apart from the regular compartment for regular post, the Europa is additionally equipped with a spacious compartment for the deposition of parcels. Spacious … Read More

Europa 732 W with stand
Stand for EUROPA

The matching and sturdy letter box stand for the model Europa For a more than sturdy mounting: The letter box stand for the BURG-WÄCHTER model Europa is prepared for an embedding in concrete. The angular, slim design ideally matches the … Read More

Terzo silver

Modular letter box installation Terzo With Terzo we offer you a combination of a freestanding and optically appealing letter box installations for your single or multi-family houses. The modern Terzo stands, supports and canopies can be complemented with the appropriate … Read More

Dual Front 821W
Letter box Dual

Two letter boxes in one: The letter box Dual from BURG-WÄCHTER The ideal letter box for two users: The Dual with comfort-depth offers a lot of space and is additionally perfectly suitable for the integration into letter box installations. Available … Read More


The parcel box eBoxx assures a secure delivery of your parcels in absence What does the eBoxx offer? Buying and receiving goods via the internet is especially convenient – but only when someone is at home during the delivery. For … Read More

Universal stand silver
Universal 150 eBoxx Ni

The universal stainless steel parcel box stand Universal stand system from BURG-WÄCHTER is suitable for all eBoxx parcel boxes. With it, your eBoxx is optimally placed in a position of your choice. The simple design also matches your parcel box … Read More

Terzo silver
Stand and base for Terzo

Terzo 160 eBoxx W Tubes made of high quality powder coated aluminum profile For mounting in concrete 2 tubes including assembly kit Terzo base eBoxx W Enable mounting without concreting For surface mounting to a solid floor Set consisting of 2 … Read More