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Cylinder Keyhole Blocker E7/ME

Provide additional protection for your mortise deadlocks with the BURG-WÄCHTER Keyhole Blocker – in an extremely fast and easy way!

In this way you will secure your locks without loosing time and energy modifying the lock complex. Just insert the right blocker on the one side to prevent unwanted opening on the other side.

Choose the keyhole blocker suiting you and your mortise deadlock from the following versions:

  • E 6/E 7 suitable for mortise deadlocks
  • E 700 with stopper, suitable for mortise deadlocks
  • ME suitable for furniture mortise deadlocks

Furthermore you can choose if you need either two or rather three keys for your keyhole blocker (only for versions E 7 and E 700).

Cylinder lockblocking keys

  • E 6/E 7: for mortise door locks
  • E 700: with stopper, for mortise door locks
  • ME: for furniture mortise locks
  • Version „/2“: with 2 keys
  • Version „/3“: with 3 keys
Art.-No. Ø Key blank – No.
E 7/2 7 24
E 7/3 7 24
E6/2 6 22
E700/2 7 26
E700/3 7 26
ME/2 6 14