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Variable and robust: the Magno HB Padlock

Secure, durable, variable: the Magno long shackle padlock is ideally suited for numerous everyday applications. Because a long shackle padlock secures larger objects such as filler pipes, lockable bollards or more robust bolts, namely places that cannot be locked with standard locks. The Magno HB now comes in five different sizes, from the narrow body width of 20 mm to the solid 50 mm. The shackle height – a critical factor when buying a long shackle lock – is between 23 and 80 mm. With this range you will definitely be able to find the right model.

The Magno HB padlock is made of hardened and chrome-plated brass and offers robust protection against break-in attempts. In addition, the construction and hardened shackle ensure high breaking strength. As of size 30 – that is, a body width of 30 millimetres – the Magno HB lock is double-bolted, which provides additional protection.

Extra convenience: available in a keyed alike version

The Magno HB defies wind and weather for a long time. The rust-resistant interior makes sure of that. This means that a correct locking of the cylinder will always be possible. Speaking of locking: the padlock comes with a number of different locking options, so that another key doesn’t fit in your lock by chance.

Anyone who uses several Magno HB padlocks should choose the keyed alike version, so you can open all of the locks very conveniently with one key. This means an end to searching for and trying out various keys until you find the right one.


The 400 E HB Magno Padlock at a glance

  • Long shackle padlock
  • Solid brass body
  • Available in five sizes (20 mm to 50 mm)
  • Hardened and chrome-plated shackle
  • Double bolted from size 30 mm and up
  • Rustproof interior
  • High breaking strength
  • Available keyed alike for ease of use
  • A number of different locking options
  • Supplied standard with two keys


Article Shackle thickness (mm) Shackle width (mm) Shackle height (mm) Total height (mm) Key blank no.
400 E HB 20 26  3,5  11,0  23,0 51,2 45L
400 E HB 30 45  5,0  16,0  45,0 78,0 67R
400 E HB 40 45  6,5  22,0  45,0 85,5 68R
400 E HB 40 65  6,5  22,0  65,0 107,5 68R
400 E HB 50 80  8,0  28,0  80,0 129,0 68R