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Authorized for long guns and for up to 5 short weapons:
Gun cabinet Ranger N5 with resistance grade 0

The gun cabinet Ranger N5 conforms to the German weapon law, tightened in July 2017. Thus you store long guns and up to 5 short weapons in a safe and responsible way. The gun cabinet comes in two models: Ranger N5S (opening with key) and Ranger N5E (opening with code).

The gun cabinet Ranger N5 (designed for 5 long guns) has a resistance grade 0. Thus you can store an unlimited amount of long guns and up to 5 short weapons, ammunitions included, according to the §36 of the current German weapon law. Two storage compartments in the door provide storage space, furthermore two cleaning rod holders are available in the Ranger N5. Outside measurements of the safe: height: 1304 mm; width: 372 mm; depth: 368 mm. You can find all measurements and weights in the table below.

VdS and ECB•S tested locking system

With the gun cabinet Ranger N5 you can choose between two locking systems: the armored security double-bit lock „SecuSafe“ (Ranger N5 S) provides one million different locking possibilities and is VdS and ECB•S tested. Thus the Ranger N5 provides a protection against burglary, certified according to EN 1143-1.

Opening with key or with code

If you do not want to use a key, choose the programmable electronic combination lock „SecuTronic“ (Ranger N5 E) for a comfortable, fast and safe type of opening. The combination lock offers one million real combination options and is VdS certified (class 2/B). In order to ensure the possibility to use the gun cabinet N5 E immediately, the necessary batteries are of course included in the scope of supply.

Triple-walled body, strong round bolts 25 mm

Concerning the „intrinsic value“ of Ranger N5: the gun cabinet is built with a triple-walled body, the door is double-walled. Round bolts with a diameter of 25 millimeters lock the door on three sides. Thanks to this robust structure the gun cabinet provides great resistance against breaking-in attempts. In order to avoid theft, the Ranger N5 should be – like all other safes – firmly anchored. The gun cabinet is already prepared ex works for a stable anchoring in the wall – the corresponding mounting material is of course delivered together with the cabinet. Further extra security: a non-resettable double emergency locking system is built in the door mechanics. In this way you are on the safe side! Tip: the door (weight: 33 kg) of the Ranger N5 (total weight: 105 kg; volume: 97 l) can be unhinged in order to ensure an easier transport over stairs.

The gun cabinet Ranger N5 at a glance:

  • Authorized for an unlimited amount of long guns and for up to 5 short weapons
  • Resistance grade 0
  • Type tested security, supervised by the ECB•S
  • Certified protection against burglary according to EN 1143-1
  • Capacity: up to 5 long guns, ammunitions included
  • Triple-walled body, double-walled door
  • Solid three-sided locking system through strong round bolts of 25 mm
  • Continuous support rail on the hinge side
  • Ready for anchoring in the back wall, fixing material included
  • Extra security: non-resettable double emergency locking system within the door mechanics
  • 2 cleaning rod holder and 2 storage compartments on the inside of the door
  • Tip: The door (33 kg) can be unhinged to be more comfortably transported over stairs

Ranger N5 S (key):

  • Armored security double-bit lock; VdS tested class 1, ECB-S certified, EN 1300 class A
  • 9 levers
  • 1 million different locking possibilities

Ranger N5 E (code):

  • Electronic combination lock; VdS tested class 2, ECB-S certified EN 1300 class B
  • 1.000.000 real combination options
  • 3 Batteries Micro LR 03 AAA included
Item Number of storable long guns Outside measurements H x W x D (mm) Inside measurements H x W x D (mm) Weight (kg)
Ranger N5 S 5 1304 x 372 x 368 1250 x 294 x 263 105
Ranger N5 E 5 1304 x 372 x 368 1250 x 294 x 263 105

General questions about safes

Questions about the gun cabinet Ranger


General questions about safes


I am looking for a fire-resistant safe. Which grade of fire-resistance do the safes provide and what does the level information mean?

The level information is used to classify the single models in the BURG-WÄCHTER family. If you are looking for a safe that provide both a tested fire-resistance and a certified protection against burglary, we recommend a safe from the Combi-Line series, the MTD F 60 safe or an OfficeDoku safe.


My safe is locked and I don’t have my keys any more. What can I do if I can’t find my keys?

Please contact a local security specialist (dealer search on our homepage). If the key has been stolen or lost, depending on the value of the safe we recommend either replacing the safe or installing a new lock. If you are looking for a specialist, our service helpline + 49 (0)2335 965 366 will be glad to help you.


My key broke. What can I do?

First of all check whether the key bit is stuck in the lock. If so, try to remove the broken-off part of the key in order to open the lock with the second key. Then you should bring the second key to a dealer specialized in security products (locksmith), who will make a duplicate key for you.


What happens to the code when the batteries are changed?

As a rule, the code is retained and does not have to be reconfigured after a battery change for all current safes by BURG-WÄCHTER.


I would like to change my codes. Where can I find the operating instructions?

You can find the right operating instructions for each safe on the BURG-WÄCHTER homepage.


The electronic lock on my safe is not giving out any more signals and/or is not responding at all. What can I do?

Firstly you should try to change the batteries. If necessary, clean the battery contacts and spray them with pole grease or contact spray. If the electronic lock is still not giving any signal, try to remove the batteries and then press the ON/Enter button several times (at least three times), insert new batteries and try again with the usual code.


On which safe can you replace the door:

  1. after a burglary attempt
  2. to change the locking system from S to E?

Both after a burglary attempt and in case you wish to change the locking system, you have the possibility to replace the door on VdS-approved safes and gun cabinets with resistance grade 0 (N) or higher. This is possible on Karat, Diplomat, Office, and Royal safes.


Questions about Ranger safes

I would like to fix my gun cabinet. Are rawl plugs and screws included? If so, where are they?

The fixing material is included in the extent of supply, you can find it inside the gun cabinet.


I would like to fix my gun cabinet to the wall. Has the safe drilled holes designed for this purpose?

On the back wall of the safe you will find the drilled holes, which can be directly used for anchoring the safe to the wall without any other preparatory work.


The door of my gun cabinet rattles. How can I set the door system?

In the door hinge you can find 3 screws for this purpose (on the top, in the middle and on the bottom). These can be adjusted in order to optimize the noise with the right setting.


Can I receive a shelf for my gun cabinet?

With this safe it is unfortunately not possible to receive one or more shelves.


Ich have bought a new gun cabinet with an electronic combination lock. Are the batteries included? Where can I find them?

Yes, there are 2 or 3 batteries in the battery compartment with separation plates (according to the electronic model).


Has the electronic system an emergency lock working with keys? If so, where are the emergency keys?

Safes with certified electronic lock have in general no mechanical emergency lock.


What can I do if any code is known but the door is still open?

The circuit board has to be changed. Please ask a local specialist dealer (dealer search on our homepage) or the BURG-WÄCHTER service helpline (+ 49 (0)2335 965 366).


What can I do if any code is known and the door is closed?

Please ask a local specialist dealer (dealer search on our homepage) or the BURG-WÄCHTER service helpline (+ 49 (0)2335 965 366).


What happens to the code when the batteries are changed?

The code is retained.


Which is the code of my safe in delivery condition?

On the BURG-WÄCHTER homepage you can find all instructions for use. The factory code is 123456.


My gun cabinet does not open. The electronic system opens the lock, but the door does not open with or without folding lever (according to the model).

The transport protection is still active. Firstly put up the gun cabinet perpendicularly. Under the door you can find a metal sheet or cardboard strips that have to be removed in order to move the locking system and open the door.